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Wellbeing and Feel Good Moment: Create And Celebrate You

by S1m
Wellbeing create a new you

There is rarely a time when a group of friends get together that someone doesn’t mention needing to diet or get more exercise. We all know that to feel our best and perform at our best, we must provide our bodies with what it needs. But going on a diet or making a few extra trips to the gym, while it is great, will not get you there. You must re-create you and incorporate a new way of life into your personal program.

The key to re-creation is a balance. It is about taking what you want in limitations, and finding activities that you enjoy and building on them. For example, you may be a person who eats when they are upset. While you know there are underlying problems that must be addressed, simply saying, I will not eat when I am upset is not the key to solving this. You just get more frustrated with the fight with yourself.

A lifestyle change is saying, I have to reduce this problem and deal with it. Do not deprive yourself but do not give in 100%. Eat sweets (sugar-free of course) to treat yourself with something good and then move on.

celebrate and create a new you

As you incorporate new things into your life that you can live with, you will have to find an exercise you like. Many obese people feel very isolated. Meeting up with a group of friends (or make new friends) weekly is not only healthy, it is a bonding experience that makes you feel like part of the group. If you enjoy walking, go to the trails and walk at your own pace. If you would rather swim, there is usually a pool around you can access. Find what you like and teach yourself to include it in your weekly routine. That is part of re-creation.

Ask for support

As your friends and family for support. Let them know you are making some changes. You will not be going to restaurants that do not have healthy choices and you will be the designated driver more often because alcohol is bad for you on every level.

Celebrate yourself tip:

Create a free Plumfund. Start a fund for your new wardrobe (you will need one soon) or a gym membership to a great club. Start saving for your dream vacation. Use the money you would have spent on your bad habits to begin your funding. When you have a birthday or other celebration that brings gifts, ask your family to deposit the gift money into your Plumfund account. This is a great way to give yourself the incentive to stick with your plans.

Remove the word “diet” from your vocabulary. You are not dieting, you are choosing a better way to fuel yourself and reclaiming your body.

Wellbeing create a new you

Identify negative people and remove them.

We all have them. That person who tells you that a piece of cheesecake will not hurt you or they tease you in front of other people about your “minor” successes. These people are not your friends. You do not need this person to rain on your parade. It is important that you break away from them or if that is not possible, put distance between you.


I know people say it’s not about the excess weight. It’s about your health. We cannot fool ourselves, we do not curse the chocolate cake because we feel sluggish. We curse the cake because we cannot fit into our favourite jeans. Yes, it about your health, the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you look. Set an image in your mind of how you want to look. You are worth the effort and you can definitely do anything you set your mind to!



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