Fitness: What To Expect From Your First Boxing Class

What a fantastic week it has been and by last weekend, when the sun was shining, I truly felt like Rocky at the top of the Museum of Art steps in Philadelphia!

The diet was going well and I was in the full swing of experiencing ketosis on the TFR diet and was feeling totally on it and motivated to carry on. The fitness side was even better than usual as my gym buddy and I have started super sets to be more specific and target certain areas and I had a boxing class on a gym day too.

I had visions of myself falling on my face, looking like a goon, anything embarrassing that was going to ensure I never returned… it was nothing like that at all!

Myself and another lovely lady after our warm up were partnered up and together with Scott our coach,  we looked into perfecting the boxing stance, footwork required to move easily and how to punch and defend. It was really quite interesting and I have to admit to having had a sweat on within the first five minutes, it is more hardcore than you could ever imagine… and the concentration that is required is crazy! I’m sure over time it will all become second nature!

boxing gloves from adidas

Next came bag work where we punched bags of all different shapes and sizes using the technique we had been working on, this was harder than expected and you have to have serious coordination!

After a little rest, we moved onto sets of the dreaded burpees… I bloody hate them, however a necessary evil! We alternated between that and hitting a bag with a metal baseball bat. I always thought simply punching a bag would be satisfying, ohhhhhh no! There is nothing more satisfying than swinging a bat into a punchbag… believe me!

We finished with pushing a prowler that you normally see rugby player pushing and sprints before a stretch out. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely! Will I go back? Most definitely… however, with my own boxing gloves. Having to use gloves that have been used many, many times before was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life thus far.

Fortunately, a nice pair of adidas gloves will be arriving tomorrow (thanks Kev!) and hand wrap has been acquired this morning.

The atmosphere was fantastic, it was a little grubby, but you have to expect that from a boxing centre. If everything was pristine you would wonder why! The staff and everyone who was there partaking in a class were super lovely and it was an even better atmosphere than the gym! No-one cares whether you are overweight or not, no-one cares what your fitness levels are, you truly are all equals and are encouraged to keep going, even when you don’t feel you can. At the end, the feeling that you have done it is amazing. An hour long boxing class is really going to spur you on and I would encourage people to give it a go, just be prepared to sweat buckets!

Have you tried any classes and enjoyed them more than a gym session?

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    • S1m says:

      Ha ha ha… yeah, you are probably right! I have wanted to try boxing for so long and I am so glad I just went again and arranged it! I am just super excited for the journey! Hope you are all well!x

  1. Jenny @ thebrickcastle says:

    I went to a class once – it sounds nothing like yours. It was intimidating and there were about 40 people there all dressed in Lycra! It wasn’t what I expected or wanted at all. This sounds much more ‘new-user-friendly’ 🙂

    • S1m says:

      It was absolutely awesome and the vibe was fab, not as scary as I expected it to be and everyone was very encouraging and supportive!

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