Following The Lighter Life Weight Loss Plan and Discount Code

Following The Lighter Life Weight Loss Plan and Discount Code

I’m currently in the midst of a Total Food Replacment (TFR) diet in order to shift some poundage alongside my fitness routine – in the midst means I have flown past the keto-flu stage (first couple of days when your body is adjusting) and now have oodles of energy and the end is in sight.

A TFR diet is hard going, oddly enough it’s always much harder to lose the weight than it is to shed it! Despite the fact weight is simply dropping off, it is not easy, you do need the willpower and support to keep going on the diet. At the moment, my head is in the game and I am totally focused and I am actually quite enjoying the diet; it’s easy, convenient in the fact all the food packs are measured out and you really do not need to think hard about what to have for your next meal.

Following The Lighter Life Weight Loss Plan

Lighter Life Starter Pack

I’m currently trying out some of the Lighter Life food replacement meals and am enjoying the products so far. The selection of meal packs has changed somewhat over the years from what I remember and I thoroughly enjoyed tucking into a 3 Cheese Pasta meal for my dinner earlier this week. Pasta is a weakness of mine so I appreciated the meal pack whilst being reassured my body is still in ketosis – the state in which your body burns your fat stores in order to produce energy.

LighterLife 3 Cheese Pasta

Whether you are using the Lighter Life products to follow a complete TFR diet or simply a 5:2 fast diet, you will be feeding your body roughly 600 calories a day if you take the 4 meal packs correctly. You are probably wondering how it is possible to crack on on so few calories, but after the first few days of adjustment, you will find yourself with more energy… and even more so as you continue with the diet and lose weight. By that point you will be in the swing of things and will enjoy watching the number on the scales fall and clothes feeling looser… and the compliments will keep you spurred on also!

Losing weight on the Lighter Life Weight Loss Plan

Lighter Life’s group work is facilitated by its own network of Counsellors and is based on its own unique programme which includes cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and transactional analysis (TA). The counselling sessions are conference calls with a counsellor and others on the diet, taking roughly an hour of your time. The aim of the group calls are to really get down to the nitty gritty of your eating habits and how to adapt to life after the diet. Lighter Life suggest that you do try a session along with your starter pack, this is added support to ensure you get the best from the diet.

My biggest tip… keep sipping water. Your intake needs to be around the 4 litre (roughly 8 pints) mark each day, spread throughout the day in order to keep everything flushing through… you will visit the bathroom more than you expect, so be prepared for that!

LighterLife Discount for Summer

The results of a full week on the diet, if completed correctly will astound you… I lost 11lbs in my first week – shocker I know… but you need to remember a lot of that will be water retention not actual fat loss… the second week is where you will notice a smaller loss, but this will be actual fat loss and also inch loss. It’s advised to not only weigh yourself but to also measure yourself so you can keep track of inch loss.

But, for now I am cracking on with the food packs, so expect another update next week! If you too are interested in the diet and making a difference for the summer, Lighter Life have this week introduced their first ever discount code on packs! You can save yourself up to 40% on their vast range of products, bundle packs and counselling sessions to coach you through the diet and beyond. Check out the LighterLife weight loss plan for more details or follow on Facebook to check out success stories from other users.

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  1. Jenny @ thebrickcastle

    My partner’s Mother lost a lot of weight using Lighterlife food replacements – it was incredibly successful for her 🙂

    1. S1m

      If you stick to it then the TFR diet really does work, it’s when you stop following the diet that you need to work hard and maintain the loss!

  2. Kate

    Interesting but not sure this is one for me. Good Luck with it all

    1. S1m

      It’s definitely not for the fainthearted but is a fantastic kick start to a weight loss journey and helps you to consider food in a different light!

  3. Beth

    I hope you enjoy LighterLife. You rock at TFR diets!

    1. S1m

      Thanks lovely lady – love seeing the weight drop off and the feeling of oodles of energy!

  4. rebecca turnbull

    I can’t get the 40% discount to apply. When I enter the promo code it is not accepting it. Any ideas?

    1. rebecca turnbull

      Sorry predictive text lol, that should have said I can’t get the 40% discount to apply. When I enter the discount code it is not accepting it. Any ideas how I can rectify this?

      1. S1m

        Hi Rebecca, just double check you filled your basket with eligible goodies and give it another go. See if you can do a refresh of the cache on your system too! If not could one of the lovely people at LL give you a call to sort this out?

        1. rebecca turnbull

          Hi there, I managed to sort it & my parcel arrived today, so I have started it today, just had some porridge which was quite nice, #determined. x

          1. S1m

            That is fab news Rebecca! I hope you enjoy the diet and see fab results, please do keep us posted would be great to know how you get on with your journey 🙂 x

  5. Morgan Prince

    If I’m honest this isn’t something I’d consider doing. For a start I’m quite picky about my food, and second I like my food! That’s probably why I need to lose so much weight!! Sounds like it’s working out for you though. Xx
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  6. Stephanie Robinson

    Glad to hear it’s working for you – the extra energy would be handy she says (currently suffering with my first cold in absolutely ages!) Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  7. Sophie

    I really want to try lighter life but not sure I could stick with it
    Sophie x

    1. S1m

      You do need to be motivated and ready for it to keep going on the diet but the results speak for themselves!xx

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