Cutie Six Cut & Create Station Review

The Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station has been on Mini Me’s wishlist for a while now, so having the opportunity to review the Cutie Stix station recently brought a smile to her face… and made the summer holidays more bearable! She is a huge crafting fan and was really in her element with this review.Cutie Stix Review

The Cut & Create Station is a substantial piece of kit – priced at £29.99, it includes all you need for your imagination to run wild and create bracelets, necklaces, cute figures and more.

With 24 different, brightly coloured stix, over small, medium and large sizes, there are roughly 224 opportunities to cut the stix and create an endless number of combinations – the funkier the better!
Cutie Stix Review
There are easy to follow instructions included, though the cutting unit is ready to be used and after watching numerous YouTube videos on how to use the Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station Mini Me was ready and waiting to create her own jewellery.

The hardest part is actually choosing which of the 24 stix you wish to use first, they are all so incredibly cute and colourful! Made from rubber, they even have that associated smell and are comfortable to wear around the wrist and neck. The Stix container even has a clear pull out drawer for you to keep all your cut and cored stix pieces safe and in one place!
Cutie Stix Review
Once you have cut a few pieces, then you move onto the coring unit which allows you to make the hole in which to place the thread through to make your masterpiece.

After the cutting and coring of the Cutie Stix, next comes the threading part. I really liked the fact everything with the set was self explanatory, easy to use and safe.

Cutie Stix review

The Cut & Create Station includes:

The storage station, cutting unit, Stix wand, cutting frames, a sheet of adhesive dots (in order to make pictures), 8 jewellery clasps, 24 connectors, a coring unit, coring wand, coring containers, a threader and 2 threaded spools. Cutie Stix refill packs are available separately.

I hunted high and lo to find Mini Me’s creations and just as I posted the review I noticed them! Here are just a few of the gorgeous and very colourful bracelets and a necklace that Mini Me has made herself – I am sure she will be adding to the collection and also giving creations to friends… her favourite Stix currently is the poop emoji Stix… kids!

Cutie Stix review

The Cut & Create Station is £29.99, with refill packs containing 11 Stix at a reasonable price of £4.99. The Cutie Stix range can be purchased directly from Character Online


  1. Chastity says:

    This is a fun kit for kids makes me want to have a daughter to enjoy. Great idea for those that like arts, crafts and a bit of fashion in the mix too. Thanks for including video it was super !

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