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The Emoji Movie Poseable Light Up Figures

by S1m
The Emoji Movie Poseable Figures
Emoji characters have been adding a little something extra’ to messages for quite some time now and not a day goes by when I inject a little fun into the messages I send… currently my favourite and most used emoji is the eye roller! 😉
It was only a matter of time before a film producer jumped on the bandwagon to release a related movie and this summer we saw The Emoji Movie hit cinemas around the world in spectacular style.
The Emoji Movie is an animated comedy film, mainly aimed at children or big kids who have yet to mature and follows the life of Gene, the son of two ‘Meh’ emojis who has the ability to make multiple expressions and how he copes with messages sent by Alex, the owner of the phone Gene is connected to. T. J. Miller is the voice of Gene, a seriously funny guy and his character in Silicon Valley is awesome – a definite must watch!
Other characters in the film are voiced by the likes of James Corden, Christina Aguilera, Sofia Vergara and Patrick Stewart. It hasn’t exactly been given the greatest rating by critics but children don’t care about film critics ratings and if anything, the related film merchandise available is probably more coveted than the film!

Emoji Movie Poseable Light Up Figures

The Emoji Movie Poseable Figures
Emoji related products are everywhere at the moment, whether cushions, soft toys or even The Emoji Movie Poseable Light Up Figures from Flair Plc . With three to collect in the range, we were sent the Gene and Poop light up figures to play with and Jailbreak still to collect. Each figure has a light up section with Poop’s bow tie and Gene’s Smile lighting up when their left arms are moved to the side. The sections only light up when the arm is moved and do not stay lit up. The figures are currently priced at £14.99 each from Toys R Us.
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mummy here and there September 4, 2017 - 5:02 pm

My boys would love the pooey one, I don’t know why they obessed with that emoji X #pocolo

S1m September 5, 2017 - 10:59 am

Ha ha ha, that was the first one Mini Me went to play with too… what is their obsession?x


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