Incorporating Dark Colours Into Your Kitchen

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and if you’re one of the people who love to focus on their kitchen when decorating their home or purchasing a new one, having the perfect cooking space can be the most important area! Whether you just love a chic kitchen or whether you just have a large family that love to eat, the kitchen can really make or break your home. Having a beautiful bright, white kitchen epitomises a lot of people’s ideal styles, so incorporating dark colours into your kitchen may seem a little daunting, but it isn’t!

Incorporating Dark Colours Into Your Kitchen

White is fresh and light, and canhelp smaller spaces feel bigger. With this in mind, lots of people are leaving this popular opinion behind and are opting for vibrant colours and dark shades to make their kitchen unique and individual to them. The dark kitchen is having a moment! If you’ve always loved the idea of a dark kitchen but struggle with the idea of incorporating it into your home, read on to see how we can help to inspire your dark kitchen dream.

Colour Choice
When imagining a dark kitchen, you will most likely think of a black kitchen or similar that can seem quite oppressive if you’re not overly sold on the idea. This doesn’t always have to be the case, however! Plenty of colours can be used as the colour base for your kitchen without actually being black. Consider navy, dark green, burgundy and grey to get your imagination going and your design taste buds flowing. Inject a burst of colour into your kitchen with these dark colours and remove the fear of the dark side! If you’ve decided you want to go all in, black can look amazing in monochrome form, or used on one particular part of your kitchen without being too overwhelming.

Incorporating Dark Colours Into Your Kitchen
Cabinets and Fixtures
Your cabinets and fixtures are the body of your kitchen and are the most solid way to incorporate darker colours into the main room of your home. If you have wooden cabinets, consider sanding these down and painting over them for a vintage feel. Use a matte paint for a more modern feel and contrast the colour with white marble work surfaces for a really chic look. If you prefer the modern feel, opt for something sleeker and more minimalist to achieve your ideal kitchen. Replace your fixtures with jet black acrylic doors and cabinets for a dramatic look that has a real impact when you walk in the room. A high gloss finish will reflect the natural light in the room, meaning it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom with this kind of look. Keep the rest of your walls and units pure white for a monochromatic feel that packs a punch.

If spending a lot of money on some coloured units whose longevity you’re unsure of, introducing some bold dark accessories to your kitchen is the next best thing to get a feel for the look and see which shade you like. This is also perfect if you don’t own your home or are unable to make any major readjustments to the room for whatever reason! Purchase a toaster and kettle in your favourite dark shade to whet your appetite and slowly introduce more accessories to the room as you get more comfortable or your budget increases. This can even be things as simple as oven gloves, tea towels and utensils. When you want to introduce more items that will have more of an impact on the space, you can put up artwork or place rugs on the floor to bring a darker feel into the space.

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