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How To Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

by S1m
Creating space in a small bathroom

Most modern homes have rather small bathrooms compared to those built during the 1970s or before. That is because developers want to make as much profit as possible, and so they cram as many houses onto the same plot of land as they can legally. Still, there are lots of techniques anyone could try to make their bathroom seem bigger than it really is, and readers will find the best ones below.

Hang mirrors on the walls

People used mirrors to spread light around their homes in ancient times, but the technique still works well today. By placing mirrors on opposite walls in the bathroom, it’s possible to make the space appear larger that it is in reality. There are lots of guides online that explain how that works, so just conduct some research.

Add more light fittings

Most bathrooms only have a single light fitting in the middle of the room. Remove that and add some spotlights for the best results. As the bathroom becomes bright, homeowners should notice it seems as though they have a lot more space.

Remove the bath and get a shower cubicle

In some instances (and presuming you’re not VERY attached to your bathtub,) it makes sense to remove the bath and install a shower cubicle. Most modern shower units are only half the size of the average tub. So, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the benefits.

Those tips should be more than enough to ensure readers are onto the right track. Just use some common sense, and be sure to consider some of the advice from the infographic under this paragraph too.

Graphic created by Soakology

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