Top Maintenance Tips for Your Boat

Top Maintenance Tips for Your Boat

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It doesn’t matter what size your boat is, how much money it’s worth or even how frequently you use it, it’s important to keep up with the maintenance of your boat regardless. Many people who only get to use their boats throughout the summer months fail to take care of their boat when not in use, which can result in it becoming damaged or worn without you realising. Taking good care of your boat is really important to help maintain its value, as well as its quality and performance. Here are a few key tips to help make sure your boat is getting the maintenance it requires.

Top Maintenance Tips for Your Boat

Keep it Clean
One task that you can do frequently and with ease is washing your boat. Whilst many people think that because the boat is on water most of its life, it doesn’t require as much cleaning as something like a car. In actual fact, the water can cause just as much dirt to gather on your boat, if not more, so it’s really important to wash your boat regularly. Try to ensure that your boat is washed down after each use, whether you’re on saltwater or not, as this will prevent any unwanted salt or residue from gathering around the bottom and sides of the boat. You should also aim to wash the deck and floorspace down after each use too, as shoes can cause mud and dirt to gather which you don’t want to leave to dry and become stubborn to remove. There are plenty of high quality products available to help you keep your boat in pristine condition, even through the wintery months, so it’s always beneficial to invest in them to give your boat the very best.

Regular Checks
Boats are just like any other vehicle, they require regular checks on all parts to ensure that they are in good condition, working properly and most importantly, that they are safe. It’s important to check the propeller, engine, brakes and wheel frequently to know exactly what condition the different parts are in before you head out on any journeys. These checks will also help you to gauge how long certain features have lasted, as well as knowing roughly when each part should need replacing and so on. If you have any concerns about the different parts, you can call a local engineer to take a look and figure out exactly what is wrong or needed for your boat.

Maintenance Tips for Your Boat

Protecting the Boat
When you leave your boat docked or on a stand whenever it’s not in use, it’s essential that you keep it protected from a variation of different things. The main thing that your boat will need protection from is heavy weather conditions, as this can cause damage to the paintwork and other features on the boat. Cover your boat with a tarpaulin to keep it sheltered from any harsh weather that may occur, as this will shield the boat and keep everything from directly touching the material. The tarpaulin will also help to add privacy to your boat, keeping it safe and not on show for everyone to see.

Oil Refills
Your boat requires a substantial amount of oil in order to run properly and for your journeys to go smoothly. The very last thing you want is to head off into open waters and find you have low fuel levels, as there isn’t going to be a stop off points for you to use. Check the oil levels every few weeks, dependant on the amount you are using your boat, and be sure to always keep it at a certain level to ensure you’re never cut short. Similarly, you may want to have some spare oil on hand just in case, as just like petrol or diesel, your boat requires oil to function.

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