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5 Tips to Get You Out of Bed From Actual Morning Persons

by S1m
5 Tips to Get You Out of Bed

It could mean that you oversleep completely and your boss calls you an hour later, making it impossible to even pretend not to be sleeping. Maybe you manage to get up way too late, leaving no time for breakfast and very little time for grooming.

Luckily, there is a bunch of morning people out there who would love our chatty company on the tube, even if we’re still half asleep. Here is a handful of their best tips, making our early starts so much easier to manage.

#1 Get up when the alarm goes off

The first tip is the most common one, so you might have heard it before. Still, though, why is it so difficult to keep our hands off the snooze button? While some suggest you should leave your phone a bit away from the bed as it forces you to get up to actually turn it off, others open the curtains straight away.

When you’re quite awake as soon as the alarm gets off, it’s really easy not to hit snooze. You wouldn’t be able to doze off again in any way.

#2 Drink water

Some people swear to squeezing out the juice of a lemon into the water as well, but it’s not really recommended as the acid can hurt your sleepy stomach a bit. Drink clean water instead and drink it straight away – it boosts your metabolism straight from the start, making it easier to wake up within the next couple of minutes.

You can, of course, have your morning coffee too but try to have that glass of water first. It bathes your cells in and keeps you hydrated until the caffeine kicks in. Bring one of those slimming shakes with you on your way to work, by the way, and you’ll be able stay hydrated and energised on the go.

#3 Exercise lightly

Morning birds enjoy a good run in the morning, but that’s not always up a night owl’s alley. Exercise is still a great way to start your day off, though, and it beats most strategies you may have when it comes to waking up with a bang.

Stretches are also a good way to feel energized, and you don’t have to incorporate a full session of yoga either. What about two sun salutations – or just a few other stretches, such as the cat and a couple of forward bends?

Pair the light workout with some pumping morning music to boost your mood a bit, by the way, and start the day in a great mood.

You’ll be able to pull this off even if you’re still questioning whether or not you’re still dreaming – and it will feel really good too, unlike that morning jog.

5 Tips to Get You Out of Bed

#4 Eat a nice breakfast

Regardless of whether you’re hungry in the morning or not; a delicious breakfast will get you started a bit faster. Eat a light one that you’d still look forward to, for example, or treat yourself to one of these breakfast wonders if you’re usually hungry in the morning.

The bed suddenly seems less tempting when you’re looking forward to a meal you know you’ll only be able to enjoy by getting up on time.

#5 Find something to look forward to

You’d never oversleep on your birthday as a kid, right? Although it’s hard to find something that beats that feeling, having something you enjoy getting up for is good for motivation in any way. Get excited about your workout routine, look forward to that project at work, or just spend more time with your friends. Buy something nice to wear once in a while as well and you’ll want jump right into that cosy cardigan when the alarm goes off.

It just makes those Wednesday mornings so much brighter.

The days are so nice and bright in the summer, making it much easier to wake up refreshed and rested. There is, however, more to the season than sunny mornings; cute dresses, for example, and fun after-work BBQs.

Treat yourself the same way this autumn and you’ll look forward to waking up.

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