Top Tips On How To Deal with A Cold This Winter

Top Tips On How To Deal with A Cold This Winter

Cold season is most definitely upon us and everyone around me seems to be suffering, myself included. Unfortunately my weekend was lost in a blur of tissues, medication, Sheldon-esque outbursts and lots of coughing. It is not the greatest season to experience and being ill is absolutely thoroughly miserable for not just the person suffering, but also everyone else around them!

Top Tips On How To Deal with A Cold This Winter

Here are four handy tips on how to deal with a cold this winter – including how you can prepare yourself, your family and your home for cold season this year:

Top tips to deal with a cold this winter

Stockpile Medications

Cold and flu medications are heavily promoted at this time of year for good reason and we may think that the most expensive product will work more effectively and make us feel better quicker. I lived off paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Buttercup cough syrup and felt better just as quickly… and saved money!

Keep Warm

This goes without saying and snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket is a perfect way to rest. Having a steamy hot shower or a relaxing hot bath will help to ease any aches and pains and will open up your airways and help unclog a blocked nose… Radox products will certainly help you feel better.

Ventilate Your Home

As daft as it sounds, keep your home ventilated to allow a continuous flow of fresh air. Whether it be a case of keeping your window on the catch or if you are lucky enough to have top hung roof windows from VELUX, then certainly keep that open! A roof window is less imposing and whilst adding extra light into your home, allows for fresh air to circulate when open, without a noticeable draft.

Top tips to deal with a cold this winter

Eat Food 

Definitely feed a cold, even I had to give up my diet in order to make sure I had the energy to fight off my illness. Ice cream is great for soothing irritated throats, as I can certainly agree with after eating numerous Magnum ice creams… the scales are hidden away for the moment!

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