Stuck in a Work Rut – How to Get Out of it!

Stuck in a work rut hints

At one time or another, many of us have found ourselves in a bit of a rut at work. Perhaps you have just felt off, unmotivated or simply unfocused. You might love the job you’re doing, but still feel unsatisfied- or perhaps the environment is great, but the actual job doesn’t do it for you. No matter whether it lasts a day, week, or months, a work rut can take its toll. It can be difficult to notice at first, but once you do, it can turn into all that you think about. No matter how severe, a work rut is worth addressing and working to shift out of. Otherwise, it can last some time and really affect both your personal and work life. Thankfully, getting out of a work rut is entirely doable and very much so worth the effort for your overall happiness.

Here are a few tips on how to get out of a work rut:

As soon as you realize you are stuck in a rut at work, take some time to reflect on when it started and why. It could be professionally or personally related, or a combination of the two. Take time for yourself when not at work, doing what you love somewhere you love so you can give yourself the time and space to truly reflect. It’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what it is you want, or what is making you unhappy- sometimes talking it through with a friend or someone you trust can help you deconstruct the problem.

Stuck in a work rut

Adjust your routine
An adjustment to your routine could be just what you need. Perhaps you need more family/friend/solo time, a better morning routine or more time and energy put towards your health and wellness. Adjust your routine where you know you need it and make changes as you go so you feel happy and inspired at and outside of work. Although it is a small change- something like putting a little more effort into what you take into the office for lunch, or treating yourself to a new smart outfit that will boost your confidence at work may help to lift your spirits.

Stand up while you work
Especially if you work a 9-5 job, sitting down can drain your energy. Switch things up while you work and focus on your posture. Get a standing desk or sit on a yoga ball while you work so your environment encourages productivity while avoiding a strained body. Of course this isn’t always applicable to every job- but a back support cushion, or finding a way to move around once in a while in order to keep the blood pumping can make a difference to your overall mood at work.

Take a walk
If you find you doze off after working for a set amount of time, schedule in a ten-minute walk after ‘x’ amount of time working. Get outside if you can, walk up and down the stairs a few times and get your body moving. Fresh energy and giving your eyes a break from screen time/unnatural lighting indoors will help your mind-set and ultimately to be more productive at work!

Stuck in a work rut
Stay up to date with the world of work
The world of work is constantly changing, so staying up to date can help you be sure you are doing the right job for you. If you are considering finding a new career, keep up to date with the current recruitment trends and tips. In today’s digital age, you can easily find so much information online. For example, you can check the Jobrapido blog from time to time that will help to stay up to date and prevent you being left behind with industry developments. If you are happy with your current position, staying up to date can also help inspire you and bring new ideas to aid in your performance.

Get focused
When you do similar tasks or work towards one goal consistently, it can be easy to get distracted or feel as you are simply going through the motions. Take a weekend or a holiday off to reset your mind and get focused on what you truly want. If there is a task that you keep postponing, work up the energy to finally cross it off your list. The act of postponing something you know you need to get done could be draining your energy behind the scenes and not letting you focus on the other tasks you need to complete. If instead of a task, it is an idea or a dream that you are postponing, make the decision to pursue or table it so you can focus on the present.

No matter whether you have been working for one year or fifteen years, experiencing a work rut is very common and also gives you the opportunity to check in with yourself. It is so important to not be too hard on ourselves and enable ourselves to have the opportunity to reflect on how we are doing as we go. With some time, self-reflection and self-commitment, you will soon be out of the rut and be re-inspired to get the most out of your career and day!


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