Small Changes that can make a Big Difference to your Home Decor

Small Changes that can make a Big Difference to your Home Decor

Sometimes when you look at your home you wish you could redecorate everything, you fancy a change and suddenly there seems to be something you could improve in every room. Unfortunately, most people may not have time or money to make huge these changes but don’t feel down, small things or even one significant change can make a big difference to your home decor and give your house that little extra something that it was missing. You don’t need to necessarily change everything in the room because you’ll see that even changing the place of one piece of furniture will already feel like a big improvement. If moving furniture around a bit isn’t going to cut it, here are other small changes that will make a big difference.

Small Changes that can make a Big Difference to your Home Decor

Small Changes that can make a Big Difference to your Home Decor

The Garden
Before you start looking around your home in search of a room, corner, or table top you can pick apart in order to remodel, have you looked outside? Gardens are often forgotten about and seen as less important than interiors- but think of it as another room, and an extension on your house. Scrapping the old broken or weather worn furniture and investing in some luxury outdoor furniture such as that offered by Unopiu will give the whole space a massive lift and encourage you and your family or guests to spend more time outdoors.

A creative and intelligent way to win over the decor rut you are currently suffering from is by focusing on improving the lighting. Not only can it be economic and simple, but you can make it lots of fun as well. There is no need to go overboard, and understand that you may even just need to add some string lights in one of your rooms! However, if string lights are not your cup of tea try looking for big lamps and/or overhead pendants- these will definitely make a statement in your home and change the way the room looks to you and your guests.

How to change your Home Decor

Colours and Patterns
One of the funnest ways to spice up your home décor is adding colours and patterns to any particular object in a room. Whether it be a rug, a pillow, or even just a painting on the wall, colour and patterns will add some life to a room that might be a little plain and sad. The visual impact that your new addition will have on the room will keep you happy for quite some time, and it will add a whole new personality to the room. And if you’re feeling especially adventurous try modifying a single wall colour by painting it a new shade. Having a look online for current colour and pattern trends can provide you with just the inspiration you need to go ahead and choose something that suits your home.

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An important option that not many people think about is the DIY path. I’m not saying the “do it” part must be huge, but whatever it is the “yourself” part will most likely feel a great deal better! The whole action of doing it yourself is what adds to the new decor piece in your home, so choose something fun and meaningful. Look at small changes (like adding metal lining to objects, or nail head trims around furniture) that will make you feel accomplished, yet not tire you out too much- they will definitely do the trick. If you have pictures and paintings up on the wall, think about updating their frames, or perhaps giving a wooden bedside table a new lick of paint… the world is your oyster.

So, before you go and change everything you own, take it easy and look at the small changes first. Remember that it has to reflect your taste and personality! Even if all you do is purchase one piece of art (or a copy) it can make a huge impact and refresh your home; all the more so if you’ve lived there for years.

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