There’s No Room For Body Confidence In Crash Diet Plans

There’s No Room For Body Confidence In Crash Diet Plans

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Today’s post is dedicated to the many young and old women and men who struggle with body confidence. We all have moments when we look into the mirror and don’t like the person who is looking back at us. Too fat. Too skinny. Too weak. Too much cellulite. Not shapely enough. Whatever it is, everybody knows how harsh the little voice in your head can sometimes be. But for some people, the little voice never shuts up. For some, every single day is a constant battle against their self-criticism. That’s precisely why it’s so important to remind them that not only everyone has body confidence issues — even the best paid top models have days where they feel ugly and dull — and that a lack of body confidence always leads to bad body decisions. In the end, it’s not a crash diet that will give you back your lost self-confidence. Only a complete change of lifestyle can do the trick!

Love your body

The healthy side of shifting the few extra pounds for a big event

Everyone has those sudden realisations in life that call for a quick action. You know the kind. Oh my God, it’s nearly Christmas time, and I need to fit in my super tight, super sexy Christmas party outfit! Oh Gosh, I booked a beach holiday for New Year, and I have to look good in my bikini! There’s always a wake-up moment that brings people back to the reality of their situation, namely they are not as fit or slim as they wanted to be. But thankfully, this should serve as the start of an effective and quick weight loss journey to prepare for your event. Shifting some extra pounds doesn’t have to be an unhealthy business. You can introduce the right amount of workout and clean eating to help you reach your goals in a few months. If you’ve heard of boot camps, they offer the potential to combine a mini-break with highly active workouts. In other words, you sweat the fat away in a few days. However appealing boot camps sound, they work best for people who have sufficient fitness levels and don’t need to lose more than one dress size. If you don’t like the idea of a burst of activities in a short time, you can keep a reminder of your ideal figure on the fridge to limit excesses while you train at your pace.

The unhealthy side of crash weight loss plans

The main issue with crash weight loss programmes is that they are rarely healthy. In fact, most people naturally reduce their daily food intake to kickstart fast results and damage their metabolism in the process. Here’s a little crash course on metabolisms, so that we all know why it’s essential to keep yours in a good state: Your metabolism is basically the biological processes that are responsible for sustaining life in your body. If you start thinking of your body as a machine, it needs fuel to perform its natural functions. When you follow a crash weight loss diet plan, you deprive your body of the fuel it needs to work. As your metabolism slows down, then your body first enters in survival mode, the emergency mode, and then natural functions decrease until they completely stop if you don’t quit the crash diet. Bottom line: It can kill you. But before it does, you’ll experience insulin sensitivity and fat storage malfunction, hormonal imbalances, and decreased immune functions. All of that for what? Probably nothing, because the weight you lose through a crash diet is temporary.

Healthy living forces you to change habits

Instead, you need to introduce healthy habits in your life. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be synonymous with dieting. It’s about fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to function. You can find plenty of healthy eating recipes online , or, if you prefer a professional opinion, you can book an appointment with a certified nutritionist. For most individuals, the results, while they are not immediate are durable and inspirational. In fact, a lot of healthy weight losers choose to encourage others to meet their body goals by becoming a personal trainer. If that’s something of interest, you can find fitness courses reviewed here to choose the best option for you. In other words, a change of lifestyle can transform your body and your self-confidence permanently.

Looking for the unhealthy side of healthy living?

Great news for you: healthy living has no downside. It takes time to get the results you want, but it’s a learning process to transform your body and your mind.

To sum up, feeling good in your skin doesn’t happen overnight. Crash dieting will not heal your body self-confidence, and more importantly, it will not help your body either. It’s a matter of taking the time to care for yourself and others. Self-confidence comes from within when you’ve achieved something positive as the result of your hard work.

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