Upgrading Your Home Design From Expired To Inspired

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Homes get old over time. That’s a bit of an obvious statement but what you might not have expected was that, along with the obvious practical flaws that need to be repaired and fixed over time, your home’s design would start to look old and outdated too. Those intriguing ceiling patterns look tacky, and those vintage furnishings now looks like genuine relics rather than artistic centrepieces.

The point is that if you follow trends then you shouldn’t be surprised when your home gets left behind. Old age is something that you can’t really avoid, but improving the nature of your home’s interior design so as to create more a timeless feel that can’t become dated or tacky is something that you can definitely make happen. If you’re ready to upgrade your home design from expired to inspired then here are some professional ideas that should point you in the right direction.

Upgrading Your Home Design From Expired To Inspired

Upgrading Your Home Design From Expired To Inspired

Make a list of project ideas.

Hold up, cowboy. Before you plunge into a project, you need to think about your game plan. You don’t want to make poor design decisions that backfire in reality or start a big project and then realise you don’t have the time, money, or expertise necessary to finish it. Every miniature task that plays a part in this overall home design project needs to be planned down to the finest detail. You need to make a budget and calculate the costs of all the changes you have planned; work out how much tools and resources will cost before you get started.

If you’re running over the budget then you could try New Horizons because a small loan might help to cover the excess and ensure you can get all your renovation projects completed. Whatever your credit score, the point is that there are lending options available. There’s no reason to give up improving and upgrading your home design now that you’re committed to this task. Financial factors shouldn’t stop you and neither should a lack of experience; you can research and learn how to complete certain DIY tasks through practice. And if something’s still beyond your expertise and ability, you can always put aside those design tasks and get some professional help. Alternatively, you could even look into interior design courses to brush up your knowledge.

Focus on colour and lighting.

Colour and lighting affect the mood of a room so they’re both integral elements of interior design. The aesthetic of a house depends entirely on the eye of the beholder so you want you and your family to feel the right kind of vibe in every room of your house. Try out different colours of paint, for example, until you’re happy with a shade that suits your mentality and personality. When in doubt, try out neutral colours such as white. They really open up and brighten a room by reflecting light. They also offer more possibilities in terms of other design ideas you might have for a room because neutral colours don’t clash with other colours.

Lighting also does a lot to affect mood. As mentioned above, even natural daylight can be used in combination with the right colours to really brighten and fill up a room. In terms of artificial lighting, dimmer switches should be your best friend; having control over the intensity of your home’s lighting gives you the freedom to make tweaks and changes depending on your mood or how dark/light a room might be on a certain evening. You should also think about using warm lighting in the living room and harsher, colder lighting above kitchen work surfaces. Make sure you’re using the appropriate lighting for appropriate parts of the house, essentially.

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Save luxury for focal points.

Rather than being eccentric with your home’s design from top to bottom, you should focus on creating mind-blowing centrepieces for rooms on a small-scale. Going a little overboard with unique patterns, designs, and statement pieces throughout your house leads to a cluttered and overwhelming look which is sure to become dated very quickly; above all else, it ruins any chance of a minimalistic vibe you might be going for. It makes the home look less spacious, and we’ll discuss the importance of that later.

When you choose a statement piece for a room to add a little character and luxury to an otherwise neutral and bland space, you add all the intrigue and wow-factor necessary. Small details make all the difference; remember, interior design is about knowing when not to add things to a room. You can make a huge difference with small lavish features such as silky, luxurious curtains in the bedroom or a marble mantelpiece above the fireplace in the living room. Design ideas such as these aren’t too overbearing but they ensure that a neutral minimalistic room doesn’t look bland and lifeless; they add some character to your house so that it still feels homely.

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Don’t forget about exterior design.

Finally, you have to remember that interior design is only one-half of the equation when it comes to upgrading your home’s appearance. Exterior design is just as important. In some ways, it’s more important because the exterior of your house makes the first impression. You want to be approaching somewhere warm and inviting when you come home. The garden really holds a house together and, yet, so many homeowners neglect it. This outdoor space is a much a room in your house as your living room, kitchen, or bedrooms.

The garden might be outside but it’s still a part of your property and it can still become an outdoor “room” if you just put a little love and care into it. The manmade aspect of your garden is absolutely crucial towards keeping that link between your natural garden and your home. It’s all about adding the comfort factor to this outdoor space so as to make it somewhere in which you’d like to relax. Mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubbery, and planting new flowers are all things which improve the scenery but focusing on decking maintenance will ensure that you have a cozy patio area on which to relax. Get some cushioned seating, a gazebo, and a dining table; the family will be more likely to make use of this space.

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