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Losing Weight On A Busy Schedule

by S1m

Losing weight and staying healthy can be difficult, especially when you work in a stressful job and look after a family. But luckily there are still some ways you can keep yourself on track with a healthy lifestyle even on a busy schedule.

Maximise Your Kitchen’s Utilities

If you want to start losing weight and saving yourself time too, you might want to start with the hub of your cooking: the kitchen. If your kitchen isn’t arranged very well, cluttered and you have no appliances to speed up your cooking, then you won’t have the willpower to eat healthily. Consider investing in a few clever gadgets for the space such as a smoothie maker for quick breakfasts, an instant hot water tap from tapwarehouse.com to speed up boiling vegetables, and even look into a slow cooker to make one-pot meals for your family for the week ahead.

Schedule your workouts

The biggest hurdle to get around when you are looking to make changes to your diet is finding the time to work out. The key to being able to stay fit and healthy is the ability to dedicate a certain amount of time every few days to get up and moving. If you don’t feel like waking up at 5 am to go to the gym before work, you can actually exercise during your lunch break. If you work in an office, ask your boss if they have a room free each day or every few days at lunch time. Take a yoga mat with you and follow apps such as FitStar Yoga or even Youtube to keep you moving and fit.

Track calories

Using an app such as MyFitnessPal can really show you exactly what you are consuming each day, and when you should stop eating the carbs. Keeping a journal like this holds you to ransom and keeps you accountable for your choices. You are more likely to pick the salad over the bacon sandwich at lunchtime using the app.

Plan (and pack) your lunch

One of the biggest mistakes we make, and one which costs us money and means piling on those extra pounds. Instead of forking out for a panini each day from the canteen, pack your own lunch of chicken, rice and vegetables. Spend a few hours on a Sunday prepping all of your lunches for the week. That could be soup, salad, burrito bowls and even stuffed peppers. Having the time to prepare your food will encourage you to make healthier choices.

Leave healthy foods visible

Hide the biscuits and replace them with a punnet of fresh berries or grapes. Instead of getting up to hit the vending machine, you will be more likely to snack on healthy fruit instead.

Make gym visits convenient

If you have a gym which is fairly close to your home or work, join that one instead of another in the area. It will make getting up to go to the gym much easier and motivate you to get out there and work out.

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