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Surprise Your Family With A Spanish Holiday

by S1m
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It’s that time again when nothing, not even a nice bath with the best of beauty and zen products, can fully relax you. You’ve tried everything: the candles around the scented bath, the foot massage, the indulgent chocolate cake. You’ve even joined the local gym in the hope that you could sweat off your daily stress. And yet, nothing helps! It just feels like the peacefulness and the lovely weather of the summer have disappeared in another dimension. It’s almost as if the summer holiday never existed! And already your family is showing the first signs of tear and wear that go with the autumnal back to school/ back to work schedule. Mister Man is grumpy in the morning.

The kids are too tired to get up on time, and they go to school having eaten only half of their breakfast — that’s what happens when you get up too late in the morning — and every weekend is spent racing time before Monday comes back again. Life cannot continue like this for long: It’s time to plan your next holiday. The half term break is already in view, so why not make the most of it by surprising your family with a well-deserved break? Where to, you ask? We’ve got a great idea for your relaxing family holiday: take everyone to Spain! Why Spain? Because it’s exactly the place to be to recharge your batteries and relax together. There are so many reasons why Spain is the ideal region to fight off the dullness of your everyday routine, so it’s certain you’ll fall in love with this gorgeous Mediterranean country in no time.  

Beautiful homes for all budgets

If you’ve tried booking a holiday home in the UK for your family you’ve probably experienced a costly surprise. Yes, holiday villas don’t come for free! In fact, more often than not, it’s almost impossible to find an ideally located house that doesn’t cost your two months of rent. The main reason for this is that the UK doesn’t have many relaxing holiday locations to offer… And there’s only so much you can afford to stay in warm Devon or the Cornwall during the summer. In Spain, things are different. For a start, you can find plenty of dream-worthy locations all around the country that are family-friendly and away from the polluted cities, so this gives you a lot more choice than you would have if you stayed in the UK. Have a look online for this page, Holiday Homes & Villas Spain | Interhome, to discover a selection of family and couple homes to suit all budgets. Yes, believe it or not, but you can rent a house in Spain for your holiday without breaking the bank! In fact, you’ll find that some family villas cost about as much as a weekend on the south coast at home. That’s good news for your holiday budget!

Fantastic weather even now

So, you’ve probably heard of Hurricane Ophelia that hit Ireland and the UK. This tropical storm is synonymous of rain and heavy wind in the North. In the south of Europe, Ophelia has primarily hit Spain and Portugal with violent winds. The downside is that it has generated a devastating fire season following the typical hot and dry summer. So you might be worried about considering Spain for your holiday destination at the moment. Be reassured, though, heavy rain is forecast for the next few days following Hurricane Ophelia, which will help the dry soil in Spain and Portugal. While this sounds bad, everything should be back to normal in Spain within a handful of days, and the warm and sunny autumnal weather will soon be back in style. Spain generally enjoys a fantastic weather from late September to November, that combines the rich autumn colours and the delicious seasonal treats under the sun. Besides, you’re likely to meet a lot fewer tourists so you can enjoy your family break peacefully.

They know how to relax over there

There are regions of the world that are renowned for being full of fast-paced life. You wouldn’t think of a holiday in New York City as being a relaxing break. Everything has to move fast all the time. Similarly, you probably don’t think of London as a place of peace where you can enjoy a coffee at the terrasse of a restaurant while watching your surroundings. No, these places have not become the favourites coffee-on-the-go spots for no reason. You take your coffee with you because you can’t afford to sit down and take the time to drink it. In Spain, time is so precious that it’s not polite to disturb it by running around. That’s why Spain is the country of the siesta, that dead period in the late afternoon when everything shuts down so people can take a nap and rest. In Spain, la siesta is a serious matter.

Typically, the siesta is from 2pm to 5pm for all shops and businesses, except for bars and restaurants, which shut from 4pm to 8 or 9pm. Admittedly, recent laws have had an impact on the siesta’s length, but the bottom line is that Spain has made rest a core element of its culture. Culturally, the mid-day break is necessary for a hot country, so that people stay indoors and rest when the heat is too much for work. Despite the apparition of air con and new laws allowing shops to stay open for longer hours, Spain has maintained its mid-day break reputation so that you can all sit together as a family, have a meal and enjoy each other’s company for a little while.

They’ve got amazing food

Spain has got some of the most amazing food around the Med, and more importantly, one of the most natural cuisines too. There’s a sense of openness and friendliness to the flavoursome Spanish cuisine as you can learn from the BBC Good Food website. While most products would have made their way to our British grocery aisles; you’d want to try the authentic taste of Spanish ingredients while you’re there. The famous gazpacho, which can still be enjoyed during a warm autumnal day, tastes its best with gorgeous Andalusian tomatoes and silky garlic. And what about the famous paella? If you’ve only tried the boxed version from Sainsbury’s until now, you have to give a go to this delicious saffron rice and seafood mixture. Not a fan of seafood? The rabbit version is a favourite in Spain! If you want a change from your typical lunch sandwich at the office, you have to try the tostas de tomate y jamón, which are slices of homemade bread covered in garlic and tomatoes with salted slices of Ibérico ham on top. Is there any better way to wake up your taste buds to the authentic taste of life?

The art will blow your mind

Don’t just think of Spain as the place of lovely food. Spain is the birthplace of plenty of amazing artists who still give us a lot to dream about, even today. Of course, it would be impossible to mention Spanish art without thinking of Salvador Dali, who was prominent during the surrealism movement. He had a fascination for melting clocks or tall elephants with brittle legs, but at the core of his art is a form of subconscious paranoid state that continues to fascinate the public. Too difficult to handle? Try Joan Miro, another surrealist whose automatic drawing has transformed everyday sceneries into landscapes in continual movement.  

There’s architecture like nowhere else

The Spanish architecture is a fascinating topic for the imagination, especially if you decide to take a trip to Barcelona. You can’t miss the magnificent Gaudi’s buildings! Start with the Casa Vicens, which was one of Gaudi’s first important building, made as a residential building for a wealthy family. If you want to discover some of his other residential buildings, take a look at La Pedrera, or Palau Güell that shows a sober take on his usually organic design.

The language is somehow easy to pick

Spain might be a foreign country, but you’ll be surprised at how easy the language is. According to Speaking Latino | Spanish is easier to learn than English. Why so? Because the pronunciation rules are constant so that you won’t struggle with words like Leicester that don’t sound at all like how they’re written. Similarly, it means that everything is easy to spell too, as you write it exactly as you hear it.

There’s cultural discovery

There are no less than 44 UNESCO sites in Spain, which makes it a country of rich cultural heritage. It’s not difficult to understand why. Spain has always offered a perfect spot for new cultures and civilisations to meet, from the Roman Empire to the Arabs invasion. As a result, you will find an incredible melting pot of architectural monuments, scientific features and natural beauty. There’s an amazing diversity from a cultural, historical and even biological point of view that you will find nowhere else.

Fantastic food, affordable villas and accessible and inspiring culture, what more could one ask from a Spanish holiday? Simply sit down around a table, enjoy a gazpacho all together and love this family paradise under the sun before heading back to our grey and rainy Britain!

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