Benefit Makeup Beauty and Primark Makeup Brushes Haul

Benefit Makeup Beauty and Primark Makeup Brushes Haul

It’s not often I treat myself to a make up haul, for so long now the only contents of my makeup bag have been a Lancome mascara and lipgloss. Foundation is a product I never tend to wear as I tend to rock the suntan I can for as long as possible. Our Summer this year was pretty non existent and to ensure my face has a healthy glow, preparing for the Winter months ahead with foundation is the only way forward!

The ladies at the Benefit makeup counter in my local Debenhams were super lovely and explained all the different coverage products in the range and helped me choose the best for my skin and what overall look I wanted.

Benefit makeup haul

I came out with Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation which gives great coverage with a flawless glow. A liquid foundation that is easy to apply and blend in with a makeup brush.

The Hoola Bronzer offers a gorgeous matte glow to use on top of your foundation. You can add contour to your face by using the included slanted powder brush to glide over your cheekbones, jawline and the centre of your nose. I use a larger bronzer brush as opposed to the slanted powder brush.

Cover blemishes before applying foundation with the Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer or use after applying foundation and bronzer to brighten eyes if gently applied around the eye area with a foam sponge.

I am not an expert when applying liquid eyeliner, so it was nice to realise the Hoola Bronzer is a multi use beauty product as by using a shading eye brush, a thin line of Hoola can be added under the eye before applying mascara.

Finally, possibly the most awesome beauty product ever and one which I wish I had known about much sooner… Benefit Gimme Brow is a mini volumizing eyebrow gel for helping to give the appearance of thicker eyebrows. It simply tints brows with the use of a mini mascara brush and as it is water resistant you are reassured by the fact it will stay in place!

Benefit makeup beauty haul

It would have been great to add Benefit makeup brushes to my haul, but it made sense to go and have a splurge in Primark as their range of beauty items is quite comprehensive and somewhat cheaper!

The Benefit range is super easy to apply and even when you are on the minutes, especially for the school run. I just need to treat myself to a larger makeup bag now that holds more than just mascara and lipgloss.

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  1. Louisa

    What do you think of the primark make up brushes? I’m thinking about them for stocking fillers fr my daughter #mmbc

    1. S1m

      For the money, I think they are perfect so far. The bristles are aoft and give a Good, smooth coverage and the eye brush is precise. The foam sponges are ridiculously good value for money, I’d say they would make great stocking fillers!xx

  2. Karen, the next best thing to mummy

    I agree with you on the suntan issue that has been non existent this year, I am going to buy the make up brush set for my sister for Xmas #triamphanttales@_karendennis

    1. S1m

      We have had such a shocking year weather wise and now it looks like we are in for month’s of hideous weather, typical! The Primark make up brush and accessory range is really good for the money, I am certainly impressed so far!xx

  3. Ali Duke

    My daughter keeps trying to get me to use make up sponges but I prefer the brushes lol. The Primark ones are great.

    1. S1m

      I was dubious about the sponges at first but they are so easy to use and are very precise! 🙂 Worth a try!x

  4. Louise

    I love Benefit, I love their brow products! Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales this week!

    1. S1m

      I have totally fallen in love with their range, the Benefit products are amazing!xx

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