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Being Prepared For The Christmas Shopping Madness

by S1m

Christmas is edging ever closer and is time to think seriously back getting a head start on the gift grabbing. Rather than leaving it until the last minute this year, why not get yourself in gear and prepare for the madness that is Christmas.

You may have noticed that your local supermarket rolled out the boxes of Roses before the first pumpkin hit the shelves. So why not take a leaf out of their book and get a head start on your shopping?


Let’s start with the boring chore that is working out your finances. You need to set a budget (and stick to it!) for Christmas. Budget for each person you’re buying for, the food you have to cook, the travelling you’ll be doing, and even for the emergency presents you know you’ll have to pick up because how were you supposed to know that Linda from number 8 was going to get you something? If you’re short of cash, then look into getting a little loan to see you through, employee financial wellbeing enables you to pay back the loan straight out of your wage – like a student loan, so you don’t have to think about it.

Scope Out Deals

Now that your money is sorted, and your card is loaded, you can stare down the shops in a strange version of a Mexican standoff. The aim of the game is to get exactly what you want for cheaper. Each shop sells the same item for different prices – and where the difference might be pennies, it’s still a win. Don’t just grab the first thing you see, make a note of something you’d like to get, double check the prices of other places, and then pick up the best option.

Make A List

Copy dear old Saint Nick and make a list and check it twice – and DO NOT deviate from the list. If you know exactly what you want to get someone then go and get them that gift, don’t just pick up extras for the sake of buying. If you know, they’ll love it, but you’ve already spent your budget, then make a note of it and grab it in the January sales and save it for their birthday. The same rule applies for food shopping. You will be given fifty boxes of quality street, so there really is no need to buy three (even if they are on offer) just for Christmas day. And all those Christmas trappings like roasted nuts and Christmas pudding – so many people buy them because they think they should. Just ask yourself if you will really eat them? Or are you only buying them for your Great-Aunt Josie who can’t even chew things anymore?


The beauty of the modern world is the fact that you can do everything from the comfort of your home. Need to do some present shopping but can’t stand the crowds – do it online. Need to buy the food for Christmas dinner – do it online. Want to get something from Russia and live in Essex – do it online. And do it in advance and freeze it, that way you’ll know that you aren’t just getting the last turkey no one else wanted.

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