Tips On How To Secure Your Home During National Home Security Month

National Home Security Month

October is National Home Security Month with lots of advice on hand to highlight the importance of making your home more secure whilst the darker nights are drawing in. Home security is something that is so easily overlooked, but can so easily be rectified.

Tips On How To Secure Your Home During National Home Security Month

Below are some hints and tips on how you can secure your home, with details on the different options available on the market.National Home Security Month

Install a house alarm or have your current alarm serviced:

Home alarm systems are reasonably priced these days and you can even install them yourself with kits available on the market. If you do already have a home alarm installed, regular maintenance will ensure it operates correctly. The Y-cam Protect Home Security System (prices start from £149.99 dependent on bundle) is a fantastic smart wireless alarm that you can even install yourself! With the Protect Hun which is the central piece of the alarm system, motion and access sensors are all connected wirelessly, offering a cleaner and funkier look. Control the alarm system from your smartphone and receive SMS and Push notifications to notify you of something happening. You also receive a call to notify you of the alarm being triggered. The Smart system is expandable and is also Amazon Alexa compatible. Find out more about how can you build your own home security system at the site.

Ensure your windows operate properly:

Installing windows that have key locks is the safest way of securing your property – not only do locked windows provide peace of mind, but double glazed windows are also more efficient at keeping the heat inside of your property.

Install a CCTV system:

Prices vary dependent on the system you choose and the amount of cameras required, however a CCTV system offers total reassurance of home safety and acts as a deterrent for burglars. Technology has developed so much that some systems allow you to access your cameras via your phone, laptop or tablet when you are out and about. The Y-cam Outdoor HD Pro camera (RRP £179.99) allows you to access your camera whilst you are out and about and notifies you immediately of any motion that is detected. The weatherproof, night-vision enabled camera features 24 LED lights to offer a clearer picture whilst watching live or by utilising the 7 day free cloud storage available. The camera is very easy to install and supports either wired or wirelesss connection, meaning less cables are required for a neater overall look. Further Outdoor HD Pro cameras can be added to your account at any time.

Y cam Summer Travel Essential

Utilise Indoor Cameras

Want to know what your pets actually do when you leave the house? Then an indoor camera is the perfect way to catch your pet in the act and the Y-cam EVO HD Indoor camera (RRP £129.99) is just what you need. As with the Outdoor HD Pro camera, you can watch the camera live via the use of your smartphone, tablet or laptop and motion recordings are kept on a rolling 7 day cloud storage basis. The indoor camera can also be positioned in a room to give you full peace of mind of internal security. The HD camera offers ridiculously clear footage and wireless connectivity which is initially set up via bluetooth means the camera simply requires a plug socket for the 3 metre cable to be plugged into. Small, portable and can easily be moved when needed, this is an awesome piece of kit! The EVO is one in a range of indoor cameras available from Y-cam that easily connects to the Outdoor HD Pro and Protect Home Security System. You can also purchase Y-cam Home Security products directly the Y-cam site or Amazon.

Install a passive light:

Not only is it handy to be able to see where you are going, but a passive light acts as a deterrent, whilst alerting you to the fact that someone or something is on your property. I say something, as unfortunately cats can set passive lights off! So as not to annoy your neighbours, passive lights do have timer switches so that you can set the light to switch off after an allotted amount of time.

More great tips and advice on how to keep your home, family and possessions safe are available on the NHSM site here.

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Jenny @thebrickcastle October 27, 2017 at 10:24 am

Your camera sounds so so impressive. I’ll have to come and take a look! You’ve reminded me to lock all the windows though – just done that! Cheers 😀

S1m October 30, 2017 at 1:12 pm

You are more than welcome around for a brew anytime chick – glad I could remind you to check your security xx

Louisa October 27, 2017 at 3:00 pm

I am surprised how cost effect the home security systems are. I thought they would be a great deal more than this. A wireless system would be ideal, especially if we could install it ourselves #pocolo

S1m October 30, 2017 at 12:06 pm

Technology is changing all the time – a wireless system is so much cleaner aesthetically. Home security is a big deal these days and there are so many fantastic options open to you… especially when you need to install it yourself 😉 xx

Morgan Prince November 2, 2017 at 11:37 am

I am SO security conscious – I always make sure our doors are locked and the alarm is on. These are great suggestions Sim, when we’re looking to replace stuff I’ll be sure to check some of them out. 🙂
Thanks for linking to #pocolo

S1m November 3, 2017 at 10:40 am

Same here – I am forever checking doors to ensure they are locked. Now that winter is creeping in, it is essential people are more cautions xx


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