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Ways To Make Your Big Day Stand Out From The Crowd

by S1m
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Everyone wants to be able to have a wedding day that will be written in history for years to come. It’s your special day, and understandably you’ll want your big day to be special and memorable. While many go down the traditional route of a church, wedding breakfast and reception, there are other ways to spend the big day. And if you want to add some small elements of your personality in there you can make the day even more unique with these personal touches.


You could go for a white aisle runner, or simply scatter rose petals for the walk up the aisle; or you could be creative. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas for aisle runners which people have used and injected a sense of personality to their big day. You could document your relationship from the moment you met, shared you first kiss, got engaged and end it at the top of the aisle where you’ll marry the one you love.


“Bouncy castles are just for kid’s parties!”, we hear you say: but why should we miss out on the fun? Imagine how hilarious it will be to see your grandma bouncing around after a few drinks at the dinner table.


If you love that festival vibe, bring it to your outdoor wedding and have food trucks serving up burgers, beer and hot chocolates.


Want a Cheese Wedding Cake? Have one! You don’t have to force yourself to eat a massive piece of fruit cake if you don’t like it. Make your wedding cake represent you and your partner. You could have a profiterole tower, a stack of brownies or even a bouquet of donuts.


You know when you go to a show or church, you’ll get a pamphlet with the order of service and everything to expect? You can do this with your wedding too. Add in some fun jokes for your family and friends and it will make the day that bit more personal.


If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Love Actually’ you will have seen the scene at the beginning which involves family and friends in the wedding ceremony randomly playing instruments for a very shocked Keira Knightley. If you have music talent in your family and friend group, make the most of it!


If you don’t want a guest book that never gets used after the big day, turn it into a game you can take home and keep forever. Make your Jenga tower and challenge your guests to take a piece out, write a message and place it on top. You’ll end up with a personalised Jenga game to enjoy for years to come.


If you really want to make your wedding unique and personal,you can make your own wedding favours. A great idea would be to give each of your family members and friends a packet of seed for some berries or sunflowers. They will be able to plant these and enjoy the present for years to come.

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