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If you’ve never considered building your own home, you really should do. Yes it’s expensive, and yes it might be hard and stressful, but the finished product will be so worth it. It’s definitely not an easy task, and it definitely won’t be done quickly. However, it can be easy enough to sort the money for it. If you already own your own home, you can sell it and use the funds to build the new home, or if you have the means to do it another way then perfect. Here’s a step by step guide of what you’ll need to do in order to build your own home.

Build Your Own Home


There’s going to be so many different things you need to plan. One of them being where you’re going to build. Do you want it in the countryside, by the beach, in the city? All of which are going to need some sort of planning permission. The legal side of which is going to be a nightmare to attempt on your own. This is where the help of a planning consultants will come in. Not only will they be able to help you with the whole process of getting permission, they’ll help you the majority of the way through the process. Then you’ll need to plan things such as the size of the house, and what your budget will allow. You’ll also need to plan whether it’ll be cheaper to move into a friend’s or family’s house whilst the build takes place, or stay in your old home whilst it’s being sold.

Build Your Own Home

The Build

This is going to be the most stressful part. Along the way of the build there will be unavoidable setbacks. This could be due to weather, the design not working for the land, or labourers off ill etc. The timescale you first had in mind definitely won’t be met, so it’s best to be prepared for things like that. You’ll most likely have to make changes along the way to your original design which can be rather distressing. But you’ll also have the pleasure of watching the design unfold, and your new home slowly being built.

The Move

Compared to the rest of the build, this will seem like the easiest part. You’ll have had to months to plan and buy everything, so that when the time comes you’ll pretty much be ready to move in. When building yourself, you’ll most likely have everything installed for you in terms of washing machines, dishwashers etc. It’ll be a huge relief to finally be in the home you’ve always wanted. There will most likely still be a few loose ends to tie up, and a few little additions to make. But finally having everyone in your new perfect home will be so rewarding.

Building your own him might not seem like an option to some people. But with the right financial advice, planning, and build it really can be achievable. Just make sure you’re planning far enough in advance, and have worked out every possible detail and setback so you know you’re going to be ready for anything.

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