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DIY For Your Doggie!

by S1m

If you love your dog and you love to craft then you could be overlooking a whole bunch of projects. There are lots of great things you can make for your dog, which will not only save you money but will be fun to do and in many cases will be better quality than you can buy from pet shops. If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few things you can make for your pooch!


Fancy Dress

Most owner’s guilty pleasure is dressing up their dog, not all dogs are keen on the idea but the adorable pictures you can get of them makes it worth the few minutes of them looking sorry for themselves! If your dog doesn’t mind wearing clothes, you could make them a full outfit, or if they’re not as keen something like a cape with a head piece could work better. There are tonnes of ideas online from unicorns to to flowers to hot dogs to firemen, have a browse through some projects and see what would work best based on your skill level. Another option would be to buy ready made dog clothes and adapt them. With Halloween tomorrow, a black dog jumper for example could be painted on with glow in the dark paint to turn it into a skeleton- or have bone shapes sewed onto it. A red jumper could have Christmas badges sewn on or be transformed into a santa outfit with a black belt painted on and some white fur along the edges.

Cosy Clothes

Some smaller breeds benefit from wearing clothes when it’s colder outside. If you have smaller, older or thinner breeds that don’t mind wearing them you can have fun making all kinds of outfits. You could use a sewing machine or knit following a pattern. Not only do they look cute but it will stop them from shivering and getting overly cold as some breeds can. When you make clothes yourself instead of buying them ready made, you can tailor them and ensure they’re the perfect fit.

Personalised Dog Bowls

If you buy anything personalised you’ll always end up spending extra, with some things working out quite expensive. If you want cute, personalised dog bowls but without spending a fortune, how about making some yourself? You could buy things like rhinestones or stick on letters to vamp them up. You could buy earthenware or unfinished ceramic bowls with some paints and really have fun and personalise them. You could even build a wooden stand to hold the bowls and keep them off the floor, keeping them from pests and dirt and preventing your dog from having to lean all the way over to eat. Ideal if they’re very tall or have joint issues.  

Dog Bed

Our dogs are part of the family and we want to give them somewhere cosy and comfortable to sleep. If your dog is a little older especially you want to ensure their joints or bones aren’t being pushed into in a cheaper bed. The problem is, pet beds from stores can be expensive particularly orthopedic or high quality versions. One way you can get around this is by making your own, you can buy pet bed foam from DIY sites and then transform it however you want. You could keep it simple and cover it with material to make a square or circular bed. You could get fancy and make your dog a bed that looks like yours and go elaborate. But it will be cheaper (and more fun) to make it yourself and you can tailor it to look however you like.


If you’re making a lead for your dog, it’s so important that you do it well. It has to be strong and secure, as if your dog breaks free near a road or train track it could be disastrous. However with that being said, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the idea completely it just means you should use strong good quality materials and techniques. Braided rope for example is very tough and hardwearing, and can be twisted in all kind of different ways to get different looks. Practice your rope braiding skills and put together something unique and awesome for your pooch!


If your dog spends any length of time in the garden, perhaps just for a bit of freedom while you go out, a kennel is needed. Weather can change quick, even if you pop out for a few hours and leave your dog outside if it goes cold, stormy or rainy it’s not going to be nice for your poor pup. Give them a place outside they can shelter from if needed, whether it’s from rain or sun. This is a bigger project but ideal for someone who knows how to build using wood- follow a tutorial online and be sure to sand carefully so your dog doesn’t get splinters. Fill it inside with cosy bedding and it will be another place for them to relax and sleep, and means you can leave them out in the garden on occasion if you need to while still having peace of mind.

Dog Shampoo

There are lots of great dog shampoos on the market, but actually it’s pretty easy to make your own. This is useful if your dog has sensitive skin as you avoid chemicals and know exactly what’s gone into it. A shampoo for dry skin is made up of one quart of water, one cup of baby shampoo (or nontoxic dish soap) one cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, one third of a cup of glycerine and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. The glycerine and aloe both provide soothing effects while the shampoo or soap cleans and the vinegar kills germs and disinfects. Adding a drop or two of essential oil will make you dog’s coat smell great too!

Will you be trying any of these projects? What’s the best thing you’ve ever made for your pet?

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