Giveaway: Vremi Baking Mat And Spiralizer Review

Giveaway: Vremi Baking Mat And Spiralizer Review

I do love cooking, but I love gadgets that make cooking even easier! Stand up Vremi!

You seriously need to go and check out the Vremi website – be prepared to check out the site for a while, so make a brew and find a comfortably seat! Not only are the products seriously funky and colourful, but so is the packaging!

Vremi-Kitchen-Gadgets-GiveawayVremi Veg Out Spiralizer

I have lusted after a spiralizer for a while now, if you are on a Keto based diet then the kitchen gadget offers a new perspective to vegetables and how you can cook them. Replace noodles or spaghetti with spiralized  carrot, sweet potato, cucumber and more to make healthy meals without the carb overload.

It just so happens that this arrived whilst I am on a shake based diet, so I have to wait a little longer to put it to te test but I am already preparing Keto meal plans around what I can make.


The spiralizer comes with an ergonomically friendly handheld spiralizer, a separate peeler with a plastic blade and a custom cleaning brush to get into all the nitty gritty places. It is a really compact and easy to store away in your kitchen and is even dishwasher safe. You can purchase the Vremi Spiralizer from Amazon for (current price as of Nov 2017) £7.99.

Vremi Flour Power Baking Mat

I have only just recently become aware of these awesome baking mats, which line your baking tray without the need of disposable baking sheets. The mats can easily be wiped clean – they are not dishwasher safe due to being silicone, however they are oven safe up to 249 degrees or 480 Fahrenheit. There are three different sizes in the pack  – covering sizes 22.86 x 33.02 cm (quarter sheet) and two different coloured 29.21 x 41.91 cm.

The fact the mats are reusable, easy to roll up and store and can be simply wiped clean for immediate use again make them a baker’s dream! You can buy the set of 3 Vremi baking mats from Amazon for £12.99 (price correct as of November 2017).

How would you like to win your own Vremi set of kitchen products? Enter the latest giveaway via the Gleam form below! Giveaway ends Sunday 26th November.

Win the Vremi Spiralizer and Baking Mats #5

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  1. Debbie

    Hi Sim, I did keep meaning to get a spiralizer, but never got round to it. I love noodles and the thought of being able to knock up veggie noodles appeals to me. The bonus thing about this spiralizer is its size! .. My Mum uses silicone baking mats too and swears by them, I’m not sure what make though.


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