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A Professional Haven Made In Your Image

by S1m

A home study room is something that here in the UK we normally associate with large country manor homes. The large walls, and long hallways, together with important art strung all along the walls. A study is basically a haven away from the bedroom. Yes, it is where many serious actions are taken from whether it be about finances or something related to business. However, the study is much more than a room with a large desk in the middle. It’s where you can go to free the mind, away from the other parts of the home. Because that’s exactly what the point is of having a study, is to escape the notion or the feeling of being inside a home in the first place.

It should exemplify that strong and strident personality, the serious tone and the place in your mind which you can enter to think long and deep about any situation. However, the biggest hurdle for many homeowners is that they don’t have room to spare. Developing your home requires great vision, and to bring that vision to life, you need to take the proper planning steps.


Additional or existing

Perhaps the most troubling decision to make is whether or not you want to convert an existing room in the house or build one from scratch. Converting a room is going to be much easier and will cost much less, but your parameters will already be set. The size of the room cannot be changed, and the wall in which the windows are set in, can’t be changed either. This means you have to make do and compromise somehow. The room will start to look smaller and smaller the more things that make up a study room, enter it. Calculate if you have the right amount of room for a desk, a decent office or executive chair, a cabinet or drawer and somewhere to put your folders and books. The other issue for many is, even if they wanted to build a new room, they simply don’t have the room to do so.this means that either a new floor to their home has to be added or some kind of ground or first floor extension has to be made.

Funding the task

A study room of all rooms is unique. For it to be in your home already, you should be thinking of financing this task. It could cost you in the thousands of tens of thousands, it all depends on the extent of the quality and overall size. Start looking into property development finance supplied by expert knowledge. A professional group will specialise in finding you the right kind of provider after sifting through professional institutions, such as banks on the high street, private banks and various different types of lenders. Your requirements for the type of scheme and your availability to make sure on your obligations should be clearly set out from the beginning. This will give the experts as much information as possible, and know exactly what kind of league or class you’re in. The task at hand should also be clearly outlined and explained so that the type of project you’re personally undertaking is also known.


Start thinking style

The style of the room is perhaps more important than it would be for most other rooms. The study as aforementioned should not look like a regular room in the home. It should be a place for exploring your professional and intellectual side. The desk can be light brown, made from mass produced wood like oak and beechwood, or you can go for something more weighty and traditional like mahogany and maple. Think about the kind of artwork or images you want to hang on the walls. They should be reflective of your character, something that you believe in, or perhaps gives you motivation. The chair itself should be designed for endurance and comfort. There are many executive style chairs, which are now designed with the correct posture that will maintain an attitude of alertness and keep up the eagerness to work. Working late into the night gives cause to also think about the style of lamp that will be present on the desk. It can be broad with a dimmer light, or perhaps, larger and bulkier, giving your powerful and focused light.

Building the perfect study room in your home is a task that not many have encountered. However, it’s one of the best rooms that you can have at your disposal and gives you space to do your serious accounting, financing, business and or other paperwork. The process of creating it and bringing it to life is complicated with a good plan, and you can make your objectives more clear.

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