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How Not To Get Sick This Christmas

by S1m

Ever spent a Christmas Day stuck under a duvet, hot lemon by your side and sneezing and coughing your way through the day? Its no fun is it? In fact, I’m sure you’d rather be downstairs munching on turkey, pulling crackers, and laughing at awful jokes? That is why it’s crucial that you do as much as you can to preserve your health over the festive period. To find out the secret of how to do this, read on.

Try Thieves essential oil


OK, so you may not put much store by alternative therapies and all that stuff, but sometimes old knowledge can still be pretty useful. That is where the essential oil mix know as Thieves comes in. It’s pretty powerful blend of, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, clove, eucalyptus oil that is said to date back all the way to the middle ages, where it was used by thieves to protect their health while robbing from the sick. An interesting if a highly immortal one, but it adds a little character and many folks in the modern-day swear by its germicidal qualities. Something that means it may just help you with getting sick this Christmas.  

Nip it in the bud

Unfortunately, winter is traditionally a time where most of us get sick at some point. Although one of the biggest problems can be that many illnesses look the same to an untrained eye. How are you to tell whether you have flu, a virus that needs only rest and to work its way out your system, or a chest infection that is caused by bacteria and need antibiotic to treat? The short answer is, that no matter how much you consult Dr Google, you probably won’t know because you’re not a trained specialist. Drs, however, are, and if you are concerned about your wellbeing, it’s a good idea to go and see one for a diagnosis. Of course, getting into the Drs over the festive period may be a tall order, and that is where services like At Hand can be useful.


New smartphone GP services can make nipping illness in the bud a lot easier.

The NHS GP at Hand service is a video appointment app with an NHS GP that you can book and carry out on your phone. Something that enables you to get a diagnosis without attending a surgery, or even leave your own house. This is useful because you can carry out all the right actions to nip your sickness it in the bud and get back to your Christmas celebrations ASAP.

Don’t overdo it (Too much)


Treats are a big part of the festive season but don’t overdo them!

For many of us, Christmas can be a time of excess, both in what we consume and drink and what we do. There are all the jobs that need to be done over the festive period like buying and wrapping gifts, cooking, shopping, and cleaning up from socialising and then there are the parties, soirees and nights out too!  

Of course, excess in this form can tire you out, lower your immune system, and easily lead to you getting sick over the festive period. So remember to take a break now again. Also try and limit yourself to just a few big nights out, as this may just help you not get sick this Christmas.

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