Cheap Car Stuff To Enhance Your Drive Experience


Want to improve your car experience but don’t have a surplus of cash to splash for needless gadgets? Well, how about splashing a bit less cash on still-cool-yet affordable gadgets? After all, everyone needs something nice in their life sometimes after the countless hours spent at work. If you want to satisfy the need of having something new for your car but can’t justify spending ridiculous amounts on interactive rear-view mirrors, then keep reading.


USB car charger

The fact that cars still do not have native USB ports in the modern day is truly astounding. Even plug sockets tend to have them now in some places, but a place where you can get stuck for extensive periods of time and probably would like to use your phone sometimes like the car, does not. It just makes no sense whatsoever, fortunately, a plethora of companies jumped at the easy business opportunity and made USB car chargers which usually plug into the cigarette lighter slot. They are probably mostly all the same so don’t spend too much time thinking about which one to get, as long as it doesn’t look like a weird knockoff, you should be fine.

A custom registration plate on the cheap

While the general consensus on custom plates tends to show that they are exclusively for rich people, that is not always the case. You can get Cheap Private Plates with just a few clicks online for more-than-affordable prices. The appeal of a custom registration plate is one like no other, and while it may have not much practical use, they are an excellent conversation starter and a way to boost your coolness by at least a moderate amount. You can get the benefits of it all for an enticing price so why wait?


Grippy mat for your dashboard

Do you feel like the glove compartment is a slightly outdated piece of tech? “It’s literally a drawer, how can it be outdated?” I hear you say with a slight undertone of cynicism in your voice. But keep in mind, that there are just better ways to store your loose change and keys which do not involve you having to fumble around the glove compartment for around half a minute every time you want to get something. You can leave your phone, keys, change, travel card or whatever else, right on top of your dashboard on a small stylish mat made from an extremely grippy material which stops everything from sliding about even during slight turbulence. It really is that simple.

Phone mount

Do you overly rely on your GPS to guide your forward through the city? Does reaching for the phone whenever you want to do something feel like an absolute chore? Maybe you want to change the music playing and answer calls with ease while driving? Sounds good? Well then, a phone mount might be just the thing you always knew you were missing but didn’t quite know what it was. Not only securing your phone in place, preventing it from falling under the seat, but keeping it in an easy to see position and place for your eyes to gaze upon. It’s simple, yet effective, like most good things in life.

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