How to Get Your Car Winter Ready

How to Get Your Car Winter Ready

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As the rain starts to really pour and there’s a touch of frost creeping into the air, it’s time to make sure that your car is definitely winter ready. A problem with your car is irritating at any time of the year but when it is cold, getting stranded or caught in an accident is definitely much worse.

Though thinking about these possibilities is unpleasant, it is worth being prepared for any eventuality, just in case. This means getting your car ready for winter to prepare, and to prevent any further accident. If you feel confident in your car, you will feel much better driving in more challenging conditions.

Make Sure You Are Insured

Obviously, you must have car insurance to drive, but at this time of year it is worth checking that your policy is the best one for your needs. With slippery roads and more challenging conditions, comprehensive car insurance is vital. Have a look around the internet for the best deals and make sure that you also have a roadside rescue service too. They will be able to come and get you should you become stranded.

Carry the Essentials

If you already have a checklist of essentials to keep in your car then well done to you, but if you’re just hoping for the best you might need to think about what you could really need. You should always have a rug in the boot just in case but in this season you need to make sure you do in case you become stranded. A torch is also a useful item to have in the car and you should make sure that it is well charged.

Keeping extra screenwash in the car is a really good idea too, just in case it gets frosted up and an ice scraper and de-icer will certainly come in useful too!

Get Your Car Checked

Just as you take care of your home at this time of the year, you also need to take care of your car. Get any small cracks in your windscreen seen to and make sure you have plenty of anti-freeze screenwash and the right level of oil. You should also make sure that your tyre treads are the right depth and that they contain the right air pressure too. If you live in the country and get a lot of snow, you might even consider snow tyres.

Make sure that your heater and vents all work and your windscreen wipers are clearing the glass properly. If you have any doubts about your car, you should certainly have it checked over by a qualified mechanic just to be sure. Turning up the radio isn’t going to cure that funny noise!  

If you are unsure about the weather or think that it may get worse, think hard before you decide to set out. Avoid any unnecessary journeys through thick snow and do use services stations to pull over if there is an unexpected flurry. The most important thing is that you stay safe.

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