Top Rules to Follow When Extending Your Home

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When the time comes to extend your house, you can start to think about all of the wonderful ways in which you’re going to make the most of the new space that you have available to you. With extensions taking up so much planning, expense and time, it’s really important to keep a few golden rules in mind, to ensure you’re doing everything properly and giving you the best results. It doesn’t matter how big or small your extension is going to be, these top rules apply to everyone carrying out an extension on their property.

Extensions vs Renovations
Deciding on how to maximise the space you have or extend to create a larger space is difficult, as for many people an extension requires making the garden or surroundings of your home smaller. The best thing to do is to figure out exactly what you want from your home. If you are running out of space for you and your family to live happily then an extension is really going to benefit you. If, however, you simply fancy a change and feel like your home is lacking a little life, then a renovation may be the simple answer to your problems. Extensions are a lot of work and it’s important to be 100% committed and ready to take on the task and put lots of time and effort into it.


Creating Plans
Having an idea in your head and actually putting it onto paper are two very different things. The moment you say your ideas out loud and put them into plan, you are starting the planning process which is always an exciting element of an extension. By creating a detailed, thorough plan for your extension you are able to make sure you have the correct dimensions and sizes to get a real feel for what your extension will feel and look like. When you start to write things down you may come across issues or problems that mean you have to change something around or make other plans, so it’s important to do this before you actually spend any money on materials or begin the extension work.

Materials and Appliances
Carrying out work on your property is going to require a lot of high-quality materials and essential appliances/machinery to help you along the way. Whilst you may have a team of builders working on the extension, they are going to need all of the right equipment to make sure they can do the job properly. Always start by planning out exactly what you’re going to need to carry out your extension, from the smallest of materials such as screws and bolts, to essential items such as cement mixers and multilifts to help with getting your skip emptied on a regular basis. You’ll then need to consider important features such as multilift spares, extension cables for your electronic tools and the workwear that you may need to ensure you can visit the site safely with no potential risks or dangers to yourself.

Neighbourly Love
Whilst your new home is an exciting prospect to you and your family, your neighbours may not be as happy about the constant noise and disruption that your builders may cause. It’s not always an issue, but one of the most important rules of extension work is to inform your neighbours before any work is carried out. This won’t only keep them in the loop, but they’ll respect the fact that you’ve told them and hopefully that will give them the peace of mind when the diggers are kicking in at 7am. It’s always beneficial to keep your neighbours involved and let them know what’s going on, as at the end of the day it will affect them just as much as you.

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