Things To Remember When Decorating A Newly Built Room

Things To Remember When Decorating A Newly Built Room

So the extension on your home is finally complete, hoorah! Now you can begin thinking about how you want to decorate each room that has been built, and what purpose each room will serve. Many people make the mistake of simply diving into the decorating part without thinking about all of the avenues available. Here are some things to remember when decorating a newly built room.

Things To Remember When Decorating A Newly Built Room

Things To Remember When Decorating A Newly Built Room


Firstly, what kind of lighting will the room you’re decorating need? If it’s a bathroom you may want to consider a light with an extractor fan fitted into it so that the steam from your baths and showers can easily escape and not linger on your walls. If the room doesn’t already have any light fittings it might be worth calling in an electrician to do any work before you begin decorating anything. This will save any hard work you’ve done being ruined by the electrician needing to take out parts of the wall or ceiling.


Next you will need to think about the furniture that’s going to go into the room, and also budget how much you can spend on any pieces you don’t already own. Instead of buying all new furniture, why not upcycle or reuse pieces you already have to save some money? Give that old and battered wardrobe a lick of paint and some new door handles and it will be as good as new! The same goes for a bed, keep the base and strengthen it, then get yourself a new mattress from foam suppliers to keep the cost super low.


If the room you’re about to decorate is upstairs, consider what kind of flooring you’re going to have so that you can pre-buy and pre-plan. For example, hardwood flooring might not be a good idea upstairs because of the noise that it could create for anyone downstairs. Consider getting thick underlay or simply sticking to carpets in the upstairs region.


Before beginning any sort of decorating (and possibly while you’ve still got an electrician about) think about the layout of the room so that you can plan where electrical sockets need to go and how many you will need. Again, it’s best to get the work done before beginning decorating in case any damage is cause to your walls.


Lastly, if the room you’re decorating is on the smaller side, or you simply don’t want to buy furniture, then why not consider building your own storage to suit the size and shape of the room? For example, if you’re decorating your study you could build a computer desk with a bookshelf next to it and utilise all of the space that you have to make sense for what you need it for.

Put these five things into consideration before decorating a room to ensure that you don’t have to repair or replace anything! Most of all, enjoy your newly decorated room!

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