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Luxury Bathroom Style On A Basic Budget

by S1m
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Just because you’ve got a basic budget, doesn’t mean your bathroom should look any less amazing. Whatever your budget may be, you can achieve luxury bathroom style if you use the tips we’re going to discuss here. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, so make sure you treat it that way.

Here’s how you can get luxury bathroom style on a budget!

Look Out For Sales

First of all, look out for sales. You can buy many bathroom accessories and fixtures cheaply, but looking out for sales will allow you to purchase a higher quality for a lower price. It’s always better to invest in something higher quality if you can, so remember that. If you can really take your time with your bathroom so you can wait for a few different sales to crop up, then you could end up with many luxury and designer items for a steal price.


Figure Out What Luxury Means To You

Luxury to you may mean something different to somebody else, so figure out what’s important. Maybe it’s a beautiful big bath tub, or simply heated towels when you step out of the bath with the help of items like https://www.bathroomtakeaway.co.uk/heating/towel-rails/electric-towel-rails. Whatever your priorities are, write them down and figure out how you can meet them with the budget you’re on. Having a loose plan will always help you to put together a better finished product.

Pay Attention To Your Tiles

Your tiles can make a huge difference to your bathroom. If yours are old, then it’ll be a good idea to replace them if this is obviously an issue with your bathroom’s current look. One thing many people find, though, is that they invest in new tiles and the look is flat. Why, when they spent so long putting the tiles up? This can be due to a few things, but we’ll discuss what you can do to stop this from happening. How about using a unique grout colour for a bit of contrast? You could also select tiles that are larger than usual to get away from the boring, normal standard sized tiles.

Update Your Hardware

Updating your hardware can be easy and inexpensive. Could you use new taps, a rainfall shower head, a light fitting? Look at what is lacking in your bathroom and choose a few to update. It’s best to keep it to a few, though, as they can start to add up.

Consider Less Exotic Stone Types

Stone is a wonderful luxury material for the bathroom, but it is expensive. Choose less exotic stone types for your bathroom if you can, and you can get the look for much less.

Choose A Mirror With Personality

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but a plain one is going to do your bathroom no favours. Always look for a mirror with some personality, and DIY one if you can’t find one. It can take your bathroom from drab to fab instantly.

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