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Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Him and Her

by S1m
Christmas Gift Guide

The Christmas Gift Guide as so far featured numerous toys for children… but what about adults too? There is certainly a broad spectrum of gift inspiration below in the latest Gift Ideas for Him and Her post!

Starting with the very beautiful…


Beautiful Christmas Bouquets from Beards and Daisies

Whether it snows or not, you could still enjoy a white Christmas, with this aptly named, absolutely stunning bouquet of hand tied flowers. The White Christmas bouquet from Beards and Daisies is priced at £34.99 and features 9 crisp white luxurious avalanche roses and blue eryngium.


The greatest thing about this bouquet is that you can send them anywhere in the UK (with the exception of Northern Island and the Channel Islands), next day delivery if ordered before 3pm is made between Tuesday and Saturday and it will arrive in a very big box (that can be used to make a robot costume afterwards – thanks Mini Me!). Guaranteed to make anyone smile, the flowers bloom so beautifully and really do last well – just remember to keep feeding them with the included food. The bouquet is presented so beautifully and also includes a note card for your message. This bouquet and a range of other beautiful floral creations can be purchased online directly from Beards and Daisies.


Rinkit Vanilla Scented 3 Wick Pillar Candle

This is the candle of all candles, with a 130 hour burn time, the substantially sized candle from the Nicola Spring collection will delight the recipient of this gift. It really is a statement candle for a room and gives off a very subtle vanilla scent, even more so when lit. It will easily fit in large lanterns or hurricane lamps and adds a wonderful ambience to any room this Christmas. You can find this candle, priced at a very reasonable £11.99, alongside a vast array of gorgeous gift ideas over on the Rinkit website.



Gillette Fusion Proshield Razor

Surely the most popular gift to give any man this Christmas! The Gillette Fusion Proshield Razor offers lubrication before and after the blades in order to shield from irritation whilst shaving and to leave your face feeling refreshed. There is an precision trimmer on the back of the razor which is useful if you rock sideburns.


Tufferman Shelving Unit

It may not be the most conventional of gifts to gift this Christmas, but for those who like to store items away in their garage, the Tufferman Shelving Units are perfect. In a random turn of events, I do actually have the Tufferman Storalex 3x Shelving Bay… currently being stored in my garage, ready to be erected and used for actual storage. So, this isn’t necessarily a gift idea just for men! The ever popular unit from a range of different sizes (dependent on space) comes in three large, heavy boxes – carrying them will certainly be your weight training for the day! The unit is robust, sturdy. moisture resistant and easy to put together thanks to the boltless ‘snap in’ system. Each level can hold up to a whopping 265kg… that’s a lot of paint tins! You can double up the shelving units and adapt to your requirements for storage required. The 3 x shelving unit is priced at £89.99 on the Tufferman site, with other shelving units available too.


Snopake Platignum Tixx range

I absolutely adore pens, however they seem to have a habit of sprouting legs and disappearing, though I have managed to keep a safe eye on the gorgeous Platignum Tixx range for the Gift Guide. I became aware of the brand at the BlogOn Xmas event and fell in love instantly with the purple gel pen. Light and comfortable to hold, it simply glides across paper and my handwriting has never been as neat! The Platignum Tixx range was established in 1919 and was given a new lease on life in 2007 when Snopake took the range under their wing. With coloured gel pens (£1.49) and fountain pens (£1.99), the range is dispoable, with no cartridges in the fountain pens as there is 2000 metres of ink in the pens. That is incredible and means the pens are long lasting and very reasonably priced. I am a huge fan of the range… as is Mini Me (goes off to hide the pens), as they are very easy for little hands to grip and control. You can find the Platignum Tixx range and other Snopake products in WHSmiths, Rymans, Sainsburys, Waitrose, The Range, The Works, B&M and Amazon.


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Jenny @thebrickcastle November 29, 2017 - 8:23 pm

I love that shelving. I’d be sorted with that for Christmas! 😀


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