Top Accommodation Alternatives To Staying In A Hotel

Top Accommodation Alternatives To Staying In A Hotel

If you love to travel and are addicted to ticking destinations off your holiday bucket list, you may be getting used to the usual. The three-hour wait at the airport, the too-little legroom you get in economy on your flight and traipsing down corridor after corridor trying to find your hotel room. As much as a hotel can be extremely impressive, and the beds luxuriously comfortable, it is sometimes nice to switch it up a little. Switch up the hotel room card for one of the alternatives listed below to gain another experience to share on your Instagram or Travel Blog.


If you’re not quite ready to completely give up the luxury of a hotel, glamping has the amazing ability to give you the freedom of the outdoors and the comfort of a hotel room. If you are a lover of the wilderness and outdoors, but aren’t experienced in pitching a tent and getting comfortable on the ground, this is a great option for you. Whether you want to do a staycation in the UK, or choose somewhere more exotic, you can rest comfortably every night, ready to get the most out of your holiday every day.

Top Accommodation Alternatives To Staying In A Hotel


Sounds cold right? Think again – this is the ultimate luxury winter accommodation. In Finland, you can experience both a glass igloo hotel and the Northern Lights, and in Austria, you can even partake in building your own igloo to stay in at an altitude of over 2,700 metres in the Alps. Feeling like you’re miles away from civilisation and staying up in the snowy mountains, whilst still having the little luxuries, can make it feel like a truly special experience. Add to that the clear nights with little artificial light, and you will be party to some of the most spectacular views of the night sky you will ever have in your life, as well of some of your fondest memories.

Top Accommodation Alternatives To Staying In A Hotel


Take a trip down memory lane to some of your best childhood experiences and stay in a luxury tree house on your next travel adventure. Rather than a few planks of wood nailed together haphazardly, think of a solid house in the trees, with rooms that rival the most luxurious hotels. It gives you an opportunity to escape mundane life and be at one with nature, without the risk of waking up with nature in your bed. There are a huge array of options available, whether you want a more intimate setting for a couples holiday, to mansion-sized treehouses for multiple families to stay in. For the ultimate relaxation getaway, look at treehouse accommodation available in your chosen travel destination.

Hopefully, this has given you some hotel alternatives to research for your future holiday plans. Just because your accommodation doesn’t have its own Michelin starred restaurant, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little luxury in your stay. So be brave for your next trip, and try something a little different; it could well be the start of a whole new holiday experience for you.

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