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Everybody has a dream home – a fantastical ideal that they hope to, one day, turn into a reality. And everyone has a different home pictured in their heads, because everyone has different tastes, wants and needs. Not everyone would want three stone lions gracing the driveway entrance or a garage designed after the one in Iron Man, but there are some things that most people would agree should be part of a luxury home.

Pool House

Who doesn’t want a swimming pool? A pool house can be designed to be opened up to the elements or closed off – all depending on the climate of where you live. A good sized pool, complete with jacuzzi, would be ideal for relaxing, exercising and enjoying a gorgeous view – because which luxury home wouldn’t have a gorgeous view?


… As we were saying, what luxury home doesn’t have an amazing view? On overlooking the city, a forest, a lake or the sea – a great view can make a place look even more beautiful than it already is. Being able to wake up in the morning and look across an amazing vista that fills you with wonder and inspiration every day is parallel to no other experience you can have.

Cinema Room

Everyone loves a good movie night, and how better a way to spend it than in a purpose-built cinema in your room. With no popcorn-crumbs and sticky floors, no lumpy, too-small chairs and no overpriced snacks, your evening will be so much nicer than going out to the actual cinema.

A Huge Bed

That overlooks the fantastic view. A beautifully massive bed with the best memory foam mattress, masses of plump pillows and a gloriously soft duvet? With all those descriptions, could you honestly say that you wouldn’t want to fall into that right now?

Games Room

Whether that’s video games, pool, drinking games – whatever your preference is, having a games room can be so much fun to have. It can be for personal use or the focus room for house parties. Fill it with retro games, all the best console games, or a mix of the two.


A sauna is the height of luxury – it’s a fantastic way to sweat out the stresses, the aches and pains of everyday life. A well-built sauna can be enriched with essential oils to make the experience even more relaxing.


Why go to a gym and sweat in front of complete strangers, touching where other, sweating hands have been, when you can have a high-tech, pristine gym in your home? Set up exactly how you want it, with the equipment you want in there. If you want to do pole fitness, it’s covered, if you want a dance studio – sorted.


This can easily be replaced with the three-story library we mentioned earlier, or even in addition to if you wanted. But a place where you can get away to work or study, or even just leisurely scroll through Facebook for hours.

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