Improving Your Seller Performance on Online Auction Sites

Improving Your Seller Performance on Online Auction Sites

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Most of us have personal accounts on online auction sites. However, the majority of the time we’ll find ourselves spending rather than earning money on them. Why? Well, we purchase goods from other sellers without ever listing anything of our own. Unless you’re already leading a minimalist lifestyle, chances are that you have a fair few belongings lying around that you just don’t use anymore. So, rather than allowing bits and bobs to needlessly take up valuable space within your home, why not list them online and get a little cash back from them? Here’s everything that you need to know to improve your seller performance, bringing in more sales, receiving more positive feedback, and encouraging more buyer to opt for your wares!


Let’s start with one of the main things that sway a customer’s experience between brilliant and awful: shipping. If you receive an item in next to no time, you’re going to be pretty content. However, no matter how perfect a product and customer service might be, if it takes ages for goods to get from the supplier to the consumer, they’re still going to be left frustrated and unhappy with their experience. So, how do you tackle this? Well, first you need to reduce your handling time as much as possible. Make sure that you have the items you’re selling separated from your other belongings. This will allow you to access them as soon as they’ve sold. Then package them up in the most environmentally friendly way possible and send them off via a reliable shipping service. Shiply can show you all of the available couriers in your area, including the ones who have the lowest prices.


Product Photography

Now that we’ve got things under wraps with your existing customers, it’s time to draw in some new ones. The simplest way to do this? Effective product photography. When people buy online, they have little to go by other than visuals. So make sure your images are striking! You don’t necessarily need a top quality camera. Just good lighting and an eye for angles. Use a plain white background, natural lighting where possible, and take images from a variety of directions so that the consumer can get an all-round view of what’s for sale.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions can go a long way when it comes to sealing the deal. It gives potential buyers a more thorough idea of what it is that they’re going to purchase. The description will vary depending on the item. But it’s generally a good idea to detail whether the item is new or used and its condition. Any flaws or problems should be honestly explained. For clothing, list the size and for vintage items consider adding actual measurements. Books should contain details of the publisher and the year of the edition that’s up for grabs. The more honest you are, the fairer the transaction will be and the less likely you will be to receive complaints or negative reviews.

By focusing on these areas, you will ensure that you give potential buyers the best experience possible when buying from you. They will be much more likely to leave you positive feedback, meaning that others will also be more trusting of your future listings.

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