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Realistic Goals To Set Yourself For 2018

by S1m

New year’s resolutions – love them or loathe them, it’s quite difficult to escape them. It’s simple to set goals at the beginning of the year, but how easy is it to achieve them?

The problem with many new year’s resolutions is that they are unrealistic. “I’m going to lose three stone” without a plan is only going to end in misery and disappointment. What if you could set yourself goals you can actually stick to?

Having a realistic goal is motivating and encouraging. Get a pinch of inspiration for your own 2018 goals and help yourself to achieve them.

Live healthier (and don’t put a number on it)

The scales can be your worst enemy. The figures you see in front of you may not reveal the whole truth about your size and your health. While seeing the pounds come off can show that your efforts are working, they may not necessarily show that you’re achieving your dream body.

Bowl of raspberry fruit berries

Rather than focus on hitting a certain number, focus on living healthier instead. Eat better and start cutting back on drinking and eating fatty foods. You may soon find that weight really is just a number and that focusing on becoming healthier, rather than shifting the pounds, makes the most difference to what you see in front of you.

Start saving money, for a purpose

If you’re the type to fritter away money at the beginning of the month, and then complain that you’re skint by the end of it – you’re not alone. It’s a common habit, but one that isn’t great for your savings. Having something to save for, whether it’s a luxury holiday, a house or even a designer handbag, can give you the motivation to want to manage your money better. Take advantage of the different apps and tools available to help you stash away those extra savings each month.

Thinking of getting on the property market? 2018 looks set to be a good year for first-time buyers. Use a stamp duty calculator to work out how much you could save with the new stamp duty thresholds. Your property savings could now stretch much further than you think.

Be on time

Being late can be out of your control, but when you’re perpetually late – it starts becoming rude and annoying. When you’re late, you’re essentially saying to the person who’s waiting for you that your time is more important than theirs. So one habit that you can certainly break in 2018 is being late.

It’s easier than you think to stop being late for everything. Always aim to be early, and set your watch five minutes earlier if you need to. You may have to do a bit of waiting around, but don’t we all wish for some more time to catch our breath?

Make more time for yourself

Between work, your family, friends and other commitments, it can be difficult to make time for yourself. Being on the go constantly can tire you out, and it can also affect your mental health. Making time for yourself is important, and is a goal you need to set yourself for 2018.

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