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Just Like A Penny A Home Can Be Polished

by S1m
spring clean your home

Old, grey, sad and dull; it’s going to happen to whether we like it or not. Just like human beings, homes will mature and start to show their age. Just think about what our homes actually go through and how much we don’t appreciate what it takes. No matter how blustery a wind, no matter how much it rains, and even during earthquakes how homes are built to endure. Last they might, but their looks will fade. Luckily however just like a penny, homes too can be polished to look good as new. Indeed with modern techniques, they may even look newer than when you bought your property. But what starts to limp first? Well for certain the exterior of the home takes a battering everyday. The brick, wood and plastic all flex due to the change in temperature from day to night. The rain and the wind will try to termite their way through the window sill and the cracks in the bricks. In order to protect the exterior, you might need to start in the interior.

Double is old school

Quite rightfully every homeowner should try to keep as much heat in as possible. In fact, as the heat tries to escape out of little crevices and cracks in the window sealant, the rainwater from the outside gets invited in. In some kind of weird two-step dance, both actions slowly work to wither away the integrity of the vacuum of double glazing and the structure of the windowsill. Triple glazing is instead much better in every way imaginable. Double glazing is a tad old school and is beginning to show its age. With triple windows, you have two vacuums protecting from both the outside and the erosion inside. However, the have separate compartments so to speak; therefore the weakening forces cannot work together.

giving your home a spring clean

You shall not pass

Every now and then we get a reminder of how far we’ve come. Just the simple act of keeping rain out of our homes and thus living in a dry environment doesn’t come easy. Brickwork bears the brunt for us, but we cannot forget that all that’s protecting us from a wet and cold living space is clay. The process of making bricks means that the clay is compressed and hardened but essentially, it’s a material that is prone to crumble. Waterproofing your brickwork from the outside will give you an extra layer of insurance. The raindrops are rebounded from the surface and not allowed to collect in any small holes or pockets. The cement holding the bricks together is also protected by the same reflective membrane.

Spring clean your home

Away with the growth

One of the most loathsome things about homes that look shabby is the moss. Moss grows in damp and moist crevices as well as on surfaces. If your footpaths have cracks in them, weeds and moss can grow in between the gaps. Get a chisel or a scraper and cleanly severe them. On the roots, spray some overgrowth killer. Once the growth has shrunk, it’s wise to buy some concrete sealant and smooth over the affected area.

Weeds and moss are incredibly resistant and will try to come back to life or sprout alongside a dead root. A sealant over the top will deprive these unwanted growths of sunshine and water. Triple glazing provides far better protection than double glazing, so it’s worth the investment. Bricks age too, so a protective membrane could halt needless erosion while making the exterior look cared for and healthy.

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