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Tips To Aid The #PowerOfRecovery When Embarking On A Fitness Routine

by S1m
power of recovery fitness journey

With many New Year’s resolutions made, there is no doubt that losing weight and embarking on a fitness journey are the most popular pacts made. If you are looking to join a gym, then this is the time you will bag a bargain as gyms will vie for your attention with offers such as gift vouchers and up to several months free gym membership.

Starting a healthier lifestyle is easy, but how do you keep your New Year health, weight loss and fitness routine running smoothly throughout 2018? Ensuring you look after your body is the key, but what can you do to ensure your body recovers from the strains from a workout?

mattress power of recovery fitness journey

Make sleep a priority

Sleep is fundamental to your overall wellbeing and health and a sustainable fitness routine requires that you get a good night’s kip. Not only will a good mattress help you on the quest for a good night’s sleep, but it will also help your body recover when partaking in your fitness routine.  You will find that you do sleep well when exercising and feel totally energised and ready to continue in your fitness journey.

Look after your body

It goes without saying that your body will adapt somewhat when on a fitness journey, but first it needs to adapt to the new fitness routine! If you are just starting out then be prepared to suffer with aches and pains until your body has adjusted. Sometimes it can be a shock to the system, so warming up is always advised… for a reason. Several years ago, I jumped straight into the Couch to 5k program after not running for probably around 15 years. My knees certainly didn’t like this and after my 3rd day suffered with a sprained knee that had me hobbling around for weeks, it was my body’s way of saying ‘Please ease me into this gently!’ A few months later I ran a 5k race!

Power of recovery fitness journey

A torn rotator cuff in my shoulder made me realise how important a little TLC is and how much a sports massage is beneficial to help aid any sports injuries or aches you may have from your fitness routine. Physiotherapists hands are magic and within a few weeks, my shoulder which I was unable to lie on or even lift above shoulder height was on the road to recovery. You need to listen to your body, go with the flow and take it easier when needed to help the power of recovery!

Find a diet that suits you.

There are so many different diets, all claiming to be ‘the one’ that guarantees weight loss… but they are only a success if you work hard and follow the diet correctly. I have tried many over my time, ranging from Weight Watchers (working on a point basis) to the New You Plan (a total food replacement shake and meal diet) and finally realising that the Keto lifestyle works so well for me.

Keto Lifestyle Fitness 2018

A very low carb based diet, meat is the main focus of this particular diet and means I get to eat bacon and scrambled eggs with spinach most days. It really isn’t a hardship and the Keto lifestyle, once researched well before starting (I read up on it for over a month before I took the plunge) is very easy to maintain and you can still have a social life, a main factor in whether you will stick to a diet or not! My body certainly responds better to Keto and with the healthier lifestyle I find that I am sleeping better, I have more energy and my immune system has totally been boosted to ensure I am surviving Winter illness free. My body is responding well to the diet and a healthy, balanced diet will certainly give you the energy you need for your fitness journey.

After starting on my fitness journey a few years ago which has helped me lose a significant amount of weight, I have realised the importance of these factors is paramount – if you look after your body, your body looks after you and I shall be following these as I continue on my fitness journey throughout 2018 – how will you be aiding the #powerofrecovery?

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Zena Crumbleholme January 8, 2018 - 4:27 pm

Great article!

S1m January 8, 2018 - 6:53 pm

Thanks lovely 🙂 Your lovely home and the doggy company inspired me xx


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