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Top 5 Annual Events in the UK You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

by S1m
Top 5 Annual Events in the UK You Shouldn't Miss in 2018

Starting a new year should involve planning events that will help you relax and enjoy your free time. A new year at the office can be depressing; you are back to work, the days are short, and nights are cold and dark. There is no better way of improving your mood than planning your year of festivals and events. Below you will find some of the best events in 2018 you might want to book time off for.

British Summer Time at Hyde Park

Summers in London are great. You will find plenty of sporting events and music festivals in one place. Book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment. Check out the exclusive deals and packages at Dorsett Shepherd’s Bush and stay in style in the city of London. You might also be interested in booking your tickets to the world-famous Wimbledon Tennis Championship this year.

Manchester Punk Festival

Taking place in April, this festival is a great way of re-living those colourful 90-s and bringing back the best memories. The Manchester city centre location of the Punk Festival is within easy reach from all hotels, train stations, and bus terminals. If you arrive by plane, you will find several bus services running to the centre. There will be more than 90 bands from around the world, ready to entertain the crowd.

International Beatleweek Liverpool

Top 5 Annual Events in the UK You Shouldn't Miss in 2018

For some reason, everybody knows and loves the Beatles. Originally from Liverpool, the band made it to the world stage against the odds. The International Beatleweek is likely to attract visitors from all over the world. It is held in August, 2018, and it is recommended that you book your hotel and attraction tickets on time, to avoid disappointment. Organised by the Cavern City Tours, the festival is held in different venues around Liverpool.  

WWE Live Birmingham

If you are a wrestling fan, this type of festival should already be on your bucket list. See all the superstars from WWE under one roof, and pre-book your tickets including hospitality and private lounges, so you can relax in style and avoid the crowd.  You can book your tickets via phone or online.

Glasgow Film Festival

Since 2005, the Glasgow Film Festival has grown each year. In February 2016, there were over 40,000 guests. You can book your festival ticket or individual performance show passes. Make sure you check out the latest creations that will be featured in the festival, book your hotel and restaurant table, and work on your celebrity spotting skills. Held at the exclusive venue of the Glasgow Film Theatre, the event is all about the spotlight, famous people, champagne, and luxury. Don’t miss it if you love your cinema.

Whether you are a sports fan or would like to listen to live music for days and explore one of the large cities of Britain, there are several festivals available to choose from. From unique music festivals to great cultural events, you will find something for everyone. Make sure you get booking early, as hotels are likely to be fully booked as you get nearer to the dates.

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