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Creating A Place Of Relaxation In Your Home

by S1m
relaxation in your home

Everyone leads incredibly busy lives – balancing work and children and a whole host of other things – and it can be hard to find time in the madness to relax. It might be that you don’t have the space either – it can be hard to relax surrounded by ironing, piles of toys, or yelling children. But not finding the time can be detrimental to your health, both physically and mentally. Plus, everyone deserves a time to themselves to unwind, relax and have a mini pamper session. So create a space in which you can do that, it could just be your bedroom, where you need to banish the washing, toys and kids so that you can have some ‘me’ time. Or the bathroom – where you have hidden the rubber ducks in favour for some candles and a glass of wine. Or maybe your idea of relaxing centres around a yoga routine and a  calming affirmation.


No matter if your version of relaxing means watching some TV, playing a videogame, reading, painting your nails or meditating, do it in comfort. Make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit, with cushions and blankets if you need them. If your sanctuary is in the bath, then get yourself a bath cushion for maximum comfort. If you’re gaming, then get yourself a gaming chair to fully immerse yourself. For yogis think about investing in a foam mat and the right blocks and cushions for your sessions. In the bedroom rather than buying a whole new mattress, why not invest in a memory foam topper?


You can completely transform a space by filling it with your favourite scent. Use wiff candles, incense, or diffusers to create the perfect atmosphere for you. Half of our experiences are judged by our sense of smell, so make this one perfect. Think about the scents that make you smile, but also think about the tried and tested scents for relaxing. Aromatherapy has been proven time and time again to help reduce stress, and even help with illnesses, and is definitely something you should be introducing into your relaxation space.


Plants have an unrivalled affect on your bodies – in a positive way of course. Plue they also look great in any room. The health benefits for having indoor plants are huge; they can clean the air in a room in a matter of minutes, clearing your mind and body, introducing a kick of oxygen and promoting creative and positive thinking.


Scientists have found that simply watching fish, the shimmering light and smooth motions can cause an immediate drop in blood pressure and heart rate. It is such a calming experience they actually recommend visiting an aquarium if ever you feel stressed. So why not introduce that level of calming energy into your sanctuary? The reason people listen to sounds of the ocean to relax is for that exact reason – it helps them to relax.


You are probably creating this sanctuary so that you don’t have to do anything. But a lot of us find sitting still to be worse than anything. So keep yourself busy in a calming and beneficial way. Having something on hand, like a book or colouring book to keep your hands and mind active. If you craft, then work on some knitting or cross-stitching. Something you can do easily, but that needs some focus to do. Even just painting your nails can fill the need to be doing something.

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