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Saving Your Student Spends – Ways to Make Your Money Go Further At University

by S1m
Piggy Bank Save Money as a Student

University beckons, and it’s a beautiful time. Yet with such an adventure comes costs. The tuition fees for university are going up year on year, and it’s never been more expensive to attend this form of higher education though there are things you can do yo limiting your spends while expanding your knowledge.

Banking Brilliance
There are a multitude of bank accounts aimed at the student, and you need to do your homework as they can be gimmicky and not suitable for what you need. They may offer a free subscription or such like yet the account itself won’t offer you the savings or rates another may. Instead of freebies, look for money-saving features and discounts.

Pay Your Dues
It’s always a temptation to spend more than you can afford on the social side of Uni but by getting into the habit of making your rental payments on time will give you a clearer understanding of how much you have left to spend as well as keeping you out of trouble and avoiding late payment changes. The best way may be to consider setting up direct debits for your rent and bills. You may be offered a discount for organising this too.

Discount Diligence
Keep an eye out for money-saving incentives and check for the best student discount cards. Think railcards, loyalty cards that offer cash back, there is a lot of choices. Retailers provide many student incentives and discounts on books, music and IT. If you take advantage of these offers each time you shop, you can stretch your wallet a little further. Be sure to look for a student discount sign where you buy and if you can’t see one, get into the habit of asking if there are any student discounts available. You don’t want to miss out for being shy!

Be Super In The Market
Although it may not be the coolest, be sure to check out the value range of whichever supermarket you choose to shop in. The products usually have a taste guarantee and may supermarkets have invested heavily in such ranges to save you money and increase their sales. Where flavour isn’t a factor, it’s probably worth considering their range of cleaning products and toiletries. There are many pounds to be saved by shopping in this way regularly. Look for multipack discounts but don’t be fooled into buying more than you need with a 3 for two offer on products you haven’t budgeted for. You could also try visiting the store towards the end of the day as prices are often reduced on soft goods.

Can Cook Will Cook
On the subject of food, you could always talk to your house or dorm mates about sharing the cooking. This way you can pool your money, everyone gets a chance to cook, and you can spend more time socialising with your friends. There are many useful websites for budget meals that are tasty, healthy and most importantly quick and easy. Don’t splash out on a cookbook and do it all online.

Find the Freebies.
Free giveaway sites are a godsend. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and you may well be able to pick up desks, books or even a reading lamp for free if you check out what is being advertised nearby.

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