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How To Make Your Home Safer With Smart Technology

by S1m
Protect your home with smart technology

Whilst the big Spring clean is in full swing and the de-cluttering of the house has started to gear my house up for 2018, my thoughts have also turned to how I can make my home safer.

With so many different gadgets, home security and CCTV systems available these days, where do you start? More Than have featured some fantastic suggestions in their recent post on how a smart home is a safer home, which has given me food for thought on which smart technology I am adding to my wishlist to keep my home protected.

Old fashioned doorbell

A video doorbell

How annoying is it when a parcel is delivered when you are not at home? Wouldn’t it be great if you could speak to the courier and inform them of where to leave your parcel even when you are not in your house? Well, with the use of Ring video doorbell you can! This genius device sends an alert to your phone, laptop or tablet whenever your doorbell is rung, wherever you are in the world. It does have a two way mic system so not only can you see who rang your doorbell but also speak with them. In the instance that you wish to take a picture of the caller, you also have the ability to take an image for future reference. Now, if only I could remember to actually plug my normal doorbell in, maybe I could progress to something more innovative!

Indoor cameras

I seriously thought Nest products were just gadgets that allowed you to remotely control your heating when you are away from your home, turns out I was wrong! You can even set up an indoor Nest camera system that offers live streaming and records footage 24/7, giving you peace of mind when you are away from your home. If you have a pet, then indoor cameras also enable you to check that they are behaving whilst they have the house to themselves!

Protect your home with smart technology Google Home

Google Home

Google Home

What makes these products even greater is that they can all be linked together with the use of a Google Home, or an Amazon Echo, so that your gadgets can be used via one device whether you are at home or away. I have only recently been introduced to how awesome the Google Home is and as currently a Ring video doorbell and Nest camera system are still on my very long wishlist, have only utilised the Home to ask what time it is, random questions and to play music via a linked Spotify account. Super easy to set up, the speaker is fantastic for such a small gadget and with a range of coloured base covers available, it will easily fit into the colour scheme of most rooms and still look awesome! One of our favourite questions to ask is ‘What did my dog just say?’ and according to Google, Honey doesn’t like the postman!

There are so many amazing and fun gadgets available these days that can really offer you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your property inside and out, with the above suggestions being a few of my favourites. A huge thank you to More Than who have kick started my move my home to a smart home by sending me a Google Home for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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