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Cost-Effective Ways To Keep Your House Warm

by S1m
Keep your house warm

Are you in constant fear of the mailman and those pesky utility bills? Do you find yourself wearing extra layers of clothes rather than turning on the heating? Are you looking to find ways to cut down your household bills? We sympathise! Thankfully, we are here to help. In this article, we will look at economical ways to keep your house warm, saving you money while protecting you from the nasty nip of the cold.

  1. Replace your curtains

We lose a lot of heat through the windows, so it may be time to upgrade your curtains. Look for something with a thermal lining, and remember, when it comes to preserving heat, the thicker your curtains are, the better. Keep them wide open on a summer’s day, allowing as much natural heat in as possible, and close them when the sun goes down to maximise the heat inside your home.

  1. Dig out your tin foil

Many of us use central heating, but we don’t always get the full benefit of the heat from our radiators. When attached to an external wall, we can lose a lot of heat through the wall, but this is where tin foil comes in. You can insulate your home with reflective aluminium foil, although if you have tin foil in your cupboard, you can place that behind your radiators to reflect the heat back into the room.

  1. Consider alternative heating

Some sources of heating are expensive, especially electric and central heating. However, there are alternative sources of heat that can be applied to your home, costing you a little bit of money at the outset but reducing your bills considerably in the months and years to come. This includes the installation of solar panels, which are becoming increasingly popular, or infrared heating, which can be installed as panels or as underfloor heating.

  1. Seal your windows

You may have replaced the curtains, but heat can still be lost, especially if there are gaps around your window. To avoid those pesky drafts, use weatherstripping around the edges to keep the cold out and your heat in. Of course, double glazing is also a good idea, and despite the initial expense, you will feel the benefits, with a warmer home and a reduced energy bill. Alternatively, you could buy a special film which replicates the effect of double-glazing, being both cheap and easy to place over your windows. While not as effective, it’s still a viable option for those on a budget.

  1. Insulate your loft

As well as escaping through the windows, you should remember that heat also rises, escaping through your roof. While you may not want to pay for a loft insulation, you can do it yourself fairly simply with some cheap foam or mineral wool. Check with your energy company or local government, too. You may be eligible for a grant to get the loft insulation done professionally, so if your DIY skills aren’t up to scratch, give them a call beforehand.

Final word

We hope our advice helped, particularly if you are trying to save those valuable pennies. Let us know if you have further tips for our readers, and we can all benefit from having a warmer, more economical home.

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