Five Facts to Prove that Women are Good At Driving

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If you still believe the old gender stereotypes that women are useless at driving, you should pay more attention to the facts and statistics. Women are proven to be safer on the road than men, and they should have equal rights to use it. Today’s society should encourage women to take the initiative and be independent. Below you will find five convincing statistics showing that women should be driving more.

Five Facts to Prove that Women are Good At Driving

women are good drivers

Better at Planning

Women usually drive with a purpose. They do the shopping, go to work, or give the kids a lift. They will be less likely to leave the planning to the last minute, and more likely to check for roadworks than men. They might seem like they are overthinking driving, but a lot of planning goes into women getting behind the wheels. They want to keep their schedule and stay safe with the kids at the back. At the same time, they pay attention more to engine sounds and warning signs, and maintain their car better.

Fewer Crashes

According to Jennings, only 44 percent of women were involved in a crash, compared with 57 percent of men. The statistics speak for themselves. Women are not only protecting their car, but themselves and their family while behind the wheel. Despite the arguing kids in the back, they can maintain control and plan well ahead. Women are not too good at taking risks, therefore, will think twice or three times before they would overtake.

More Clean Driving Licenses

According to AutoExpress, 68 percent of women have a clean driving licence, which is much higher than men’s. This indicates that they would make fewer errors, and be more compliant with the regulations. That itself as a lot of benefits, including lower insurance premiums. When women search for the term Used Cars Near Me, they first look at the safety features.

Better Pass Rates

Women are more likely to pass the theory test first time, while men are better at getting through the practical test. No surprise there. Men have a hands-on attitude, while women usually want to “understand” things first. This, however, also means that women are more aware of the regulations of the Highway Code, and more likely to comply than men.

Fewer Speeding Tickets

women are good at driving

Women also pick up fewer speeding tickets. 13 percent of men have said they simply ignored speed limits, with only 6 percent of women daring to speed. Chances are they would rather spend their money on a new pair of shoes than paying a penalty charge, some men would say.

It is hard to take a stand whether men or women are better drivers. However, the facts support the theory that women can be safer on the roads, hence their car insurance premium is generally lower. At the same time, nobody should generalize based on gender. Some women will change a tire on the side of the road, while others will ask for help when their windscreen fluid needs topping up or they want to reverse into a bay.

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