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Starting Fresh With Big & Little Changes

by S1m
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Life can become monotonous, leaving you feeling like you’re stuck in the same cycle. This can lead to boredom, dissatisfaction, irritability and even depression. Doing the exact same thing every day, in every aspect of your life saps out every opportunity you have to experience excitement. But at the same time it can seem a ridiculous concept to change things, because it’s too much effort, too hard, or simply because as a species we hate change. And yet if we don’t make those changes regularly in our lives, we get stuck in the downward cycle.

Change doesn’t have to be huge – it can be a simple adjustment to what you already do in life. Or it might just be that a big change is what you need to shake up your life and give you that excitement and variety that we all crave.

Change your diet

A simple thing you can do with minimal effort is to change up your diet. That isn’t to say that you have to become super healthy, although that route will increase your happiness straight away, but we are all guilty of having the same handful of meals on rotation through the week. They are easy things to prepare and cook and you know that everyone likes it so there is no fuss or bother. But it gets boring. Start by dumping an old meal and replacing it with something new. Do the same next week, and so on until your list of meals is completely me. Then you repeat the process until you have a backlog of meals that you enjoy and know how to cook to choose from each week.

New exercise regime

It’s recommended that your exercise for an hour each day – but doing the exact same thing day in and day out can become useless. The more you do a particular exercise the more you have to increase the reps or resistance to achieve the same benefits as you did before. It might be that you have gotten all you can from running on the treadmill- so why not try outdoor running and mix it up? You’ll be facing new challenges while also feeling the achievement of actually getting somewhere through your exertions. Loom into a new class to dig your teeth into, or maybe you just begin by introducing a ten minute morning yoga session in your pjs.

Take a different route to work

You don’t notice the world around you when you have walked the same path hundreds of times, so choose a new route to take. Not only will you see and experience new things but you might actually find a route that gets you there quicker, or it might be a nicer drive to your regular route. Changing your route might mean changing the type of transport you use. Take the train instead of drive, can you bike the distance to work, or maybe just start car pooling. Adding an extra person can make your journey so much more fun.

Try a new hobby

Taking up a new hobby can be great. It might be something that you have always wanted to do, a recommendation from a friend, or a random class you’ve found at your local college. Whatever it is, throw yourself into it. Pick something with an end goal, so that you have something to work towards. If you’re learning how to play the piano, for example, then set a grade or a certain piece of music you hope to achieve. If you’re taking a class or a course then see it through to the end. You might think that you will never use the skill again – but it will come up again at some point, and you never know – you might find a hidden talent and continue with it. And no matter what, you will learn something new, meet new people and shake up your routine.

Mix up your wardrobe

A lot of who we are is represented in the clothes we choose to wear. However, we change as people. And as we change so do our likes and dislikes. We learn to accept parts of ourselves that we may have hidden away before – both physically and mentally. And this is all reflected in your wardrobe. It might be that you’re feeling out of place or awkward purely because what you’re wearing on the outside isn’t matching what’s on the inside. Go on a spree and be a bit more daring in your shopping choices. Don’t just pick what you have always gone for – mix it up and feel confident in your choices.

Move house

Need a drastic change in Life? Then move somewhere else.moving house isn’t a decision that anyone makes lightly, but it can be one that comes on all of a sudden and you find yourself reaching for the sell house fast button. You might be moving to get away from the place you’re in, to move closer to a job, a person or a place, or you might be moving because you have gotten everything out of the place you have been in and now it’s time for a change.

New job

It might be that work has become so monotonous that you can’t stand it anymore, and too many people stay in a job the don’t like, let alone love, because they worry about what happens next. Never be too scared to try something new. Keep your eyes open and you never know what opportunities will come along. If there is something you have always wanted to do, then look into how to get there – there are many more routes to get somewhere than going to college. However, there are some jobs, like a medical career, where there is no other route.

Take a trip

Maybe you just need a break, a chance to relax and spend time away from your normal life. And that’s where a trip comes into play. If you’re struggling with work or normal life, it can be amazing how much clearer you see things while in a different country, living in a different way. Take the vacation you have always dreamed of, go traveling, or just find a beach to call home for a week or two. Find your paradise and live it for a while. It will really help you to start afresh when you return home, and see things in a different way.

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