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5 Exercise And Work Out Ideas For Busy People

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Finding time to yourself is rare; how are you supposed to find time to work out as well? For those of us who aren’t addicted to the gym, forcing yourself to exercise after a long day at work seems like torture. When you see you have half an hour free, you have no energy to spend to go and work out anyway. Plus, there are so many other demands you need to take care of, or friends to catch up with. Let’s not even mention you probably don’t have high-tech equipment you would want to use that you can get at the gym. But, let’s focus on the advantages of simple, quick, equipment-free exercises. Just to remind you, working out at least three times a week for thirty minutes can greatly improve your overall health. It boosts your immunity, gives you more energy and provides you with those sweet endorphins that make you feel relaxed and happy. In fact, the benefits of working out greatly outweigh any disadvantages. So get off your butt and let’s get cracking!

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A Note Before We Start
Before jumping in and starting a new workout routine, let’s be clear: you need to be realistic. If you’re too tired and not getting enough sleep, don’t tell yourself you’re going to be waking up at 5 AM every morning to do push-ups. If you are eating junk food throughout the day and want to switch to an all-kale diet, perhaps your new green taste won’t actually fit your taste. As long as you’re practical and careful about your choices, you will get results you want. You can check out websites like Customer Review that outline ways to fit a healthy lifestyle into your life without making extreme changes. Whether it’s getting enough sleep, eating less carbs or making sure you have enough vitamin C, make sure you’re doing what’s best for you.

Below, we’ve outlined five different workouts that you can do throughout the day: in the morning in bed, at your desk, while watching TV – anywhere!

1. Stretch In Bed
Don’t bother leaving your bed in the morning. There are a few quick exercises you can do to help wake you up and get your heart pumping and ready for work. Doing full-body stretches on your back is a great way to start your day. If you’re feeling more ambitious, there is a decline push-up you can do by levelling your feet on your bed and your hands on the floor. Get your blood rushing to your head for a great wake-up call.

2. Desk Workout: Lunges
For those of you with a desk job, sitting for 8 hours a day wreaks havoc on your body. You feel stiff, sore, and uncomfortable. Take a ten-minute break a day to do some workouts at your desk. Remember to start any workout with stretches so you won’t twist any muscles.
An easy workout to do at your desk is lunges. Move your chair away from your desk and stand in front of it. Grab your desk with your palms flat out, gripping the desk’s edge. Keep your back straight, bend one knee and stretch your other leg out behind you. Do this for five minutes.

3. Desk Workout: Push-Ups
Just like you did a decline push-up in the morning, you can do incline push-ups so you’re not laying down on the floor in front of everybody in the office. Using your desk as an incline, set your feet side-by-side and put your arms out. You can spend five minutes doing push-ups, as well.

4. Desk Workout: Squats
Mix up your workout by spending your ten minute break a mix of two different quick exercises. Similar to a lunge, a squat strengthens your core. Stand straight up with your arms out in front of you for balance. Bend your knees as deeply as you can and return to a standing position.

5. At Home: Commercial Breaks
We get it: once you’re home, you just want to turn on a show and veg out. Get in bursts of exercise during commercial breaks by doing quick, five-minute workouts. Now that you’re at home, you have more space and freedom that you have in your office. You can do a mixture of squats, burpees, push-ups, or crunches.

Working Out: Don’t Let It Eat Up Your Time
Pushing in short, quick workouts throughout your day will give you more energy and make you feel so much better. Sure, you may look weird doing push-ups at your desk, but your co-workers will get used to it and you can maybe even start a trend. Instead of feeling rushed to run to the gym or too tired to go out, get used to quick energizing workouts that you can do anywhere.

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