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Simple Solutions for Everyday Kitchen Issues

by S1m

In every room of the house, there are common problems which could strike at any time. If you are prepared for them, you can sort them out and get everything back on track at the earliest possible opportunity. In this article, we are going to be focusing on the kitchen and running through a few issues that could happen, as well as some simple DIY solutions which you can put into action yourself. Put them into practice and everything will be running smoothly again before you know it!

Foul Smelling Drains

If you have started to notice a bit smell coming from your sink, you are best off dealing with it as soon as you can rather than waiting and hoping that it will resolve itself. Most of the time, this can be dealt with easily enough. Start by pouring some boiling water down there to try and dislodge anything which may be causing the smell. If this doesn’t work, try a cup of baking soda and some lemon juice. If you have a garbage disposal unit, you could also try putting some ice and lemon rinds down there. Still struggling to solve this issue yourself? You may need to call out the experts like 1st Clear Flow. The smells could end up being a precursor to a full-blown blockage, which is the last thing that you need to be dealing with.

Cabinets That Won’t Close

After repeated use, cabinet doors can start to become a little loose and it may get to the stage where they won’t shut properly. The first thing that you can try is lubricating the hinges to sell if this helps to solve the issue. If it doesn’t try adding some wood filler to the screw holes. Once it has set, replace the screws. And once the issue is fixed, try being a little more gentle when you open and close your cabinets to make it less likely that this will happen again.

Sticking Drawers

kitchen issues kitchen cupboards

In a similar area to the last point that we just discussed, sticking drawers are another irritation in the kitchen. Rather than trying to force them, take the problem drawer out entirely and wash the runners with some dish soap. Add a few drops of lubricant into the mix once they have dried and replace them. Hopefully, they should be opening and closing as good as new!

Greasy Surfaces

A seemingly constant source of annoyance in the kitchen is the greasy surfaces let behind after cooking. If you are looking for an affordable and effective solution, white vinegar usually does the trick. Make sure that you use a microfiber cloth to clean your surfaces thoroughly. To stop the problem from cropping up again and again, try polishing your countertops with just a little olive oil to give them their gleam back again and keep it that way!

Pan Lids That Keep Going Missing

How many times have you tried to boil water with a pan lid that is completely the wrong size because you simply can’t find the correct one? To stop this annoying problem from striking when you are trying to cook, you need to get things organised a little bit better. Perhaps you could have a single shelf that is exclusively dedicated to pan lids. Another possible solution is to use a record rack to stack them all in. Otherwise, put up some hooks and hang them on the inside of a cupboard door.

Overstacked Freezer Drawers

Freezers are obviously fantastic when it comes to storing food for an extended period of time, but this also means that you are very likely to forget what is in there from time to time. As well as being an irritation, if you stock your freezer too much, it will not be running at its maximum level of efficiency. One solution is to get into the habit of sorting out your freezer on a regular basis. Rotate the items according to date so that you are reminded to use them. As a general rule of thumb, if something has been in the freezer for more than three months, you are highly unlikely to use it so it is probably time to throw it away.

Cleaning a Wooden Chopping Board

With most kitchen items, it is easy enough to determine whether they are clean or not simply by looking at them. But this can be more challenging with wooden items and you can be left wondering whether you have cleaned them properly or not. If you want to give your chopping board a deep clean, start by sprinkling some baking soda over the top. Once you have done this, squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the top. Using the lemon as a scourer, scrub the chopping board in small circular motions. To dry it off, use a hot, wet towel. Finally, drizzle some olive oil over the board and massage it with your hands. Now, everything should be as good as new!

Cutting Up an Onion Without Crying

Kitchen issues stack of onions

Chopping onions is likely to leave even the most hardened of people welling up with emotion! Of course, you could invest in some special onion goggles, but there are a couple of alternatives. Try storing your onions in the refrigerator or dipping them in some ice or boiling water for around half a minute. This helps to change the chemistry of the sulfuric acid and stops the tears from flowing. Alternatively, try putting some bread in your mouth while you are chopping them. Strangely enough, this works for a lot of people!

Now you hopefully feel more ready to deal with all sorts of different kitchen issues when they arise by trying out these simple solutions. No longer will you be left feeling emotional after chopping an onion or wondering if your chopping board is really clean! And you can be free to deal with the bigger at-home issues that will inevitably crop up in your life.    

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