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Do Big Projects Pay Off When it Comes to Valuations?

by S1m
Your Home's Not Selling

Home improvement is something that many of us enjoy. And often we don’t just do it for fun, but to add value to our properties. This is true especially for bigger projects. So, in this post we’re going to look at how you can find out if a big project could pay off for your home and then we’ll discuss the types of projects you could get stuck into.

Home Improvement Research

Before undertaking any sort of renovation or improvement project, it is worth seeing how much your home is potentially worth. You can do this by getting a quick evaluation from a company like Andrews Online, which provides trusted property advice. You can even get an experienced assessor to visit you for an expert evaluation, which should give you a more precise estimate of your home’s market value.

Next, you could compare your home to others on your street and in your area by looking at their sale prices – both current and historic. You might see that a certain home is selling for a higher amount than the average, and the reason for this could be a special feature. This should tell you if it is worth undertaking a big project and could also provide inspiration when it comes to choosing a project.


Adding an Extension or Loft Conversion

Research shows that an extension or loft conversion can add 20% to a home’s value. So, one of these two options will most likely be the big project of choice for homeowners wanting to take their properties to the next level. Choose a loft conversion only if the area is big enough and the entrance has the capability to ensure easy and safe access. By the same token, an extension to your home should only be built if you have enough space. Plus, for either project you may need to secure planning permission.

Adding an Extra Bedroom

Another big project which could add value is the addition of an extra bedroom. But again, you will need to make sure that you have enough space in your home for this. Whether you are dividing an existing room or utilising another area – for example, a dining room or landing – you should also be aware that the construction work might disrupt your everyday life.

Other Projects

You might already have a wish list for home improvement, and it could be an idea to tackle these smaller jobs which need to be done and then work your way up from there to larger projects. This way, your living space will be given an overall improvement, and this could really help when it comes to your next valuation.


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