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Channel Your Inner Interior Designer and Make Your Home Flow

by S1m
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The key to an immaculately decorated home is designing different rooms to work well together. Creating a cohesive house that flows perfectly can make you feel relaxed, comfortable and happy. You can enjoy all of the physical and mental benefits that come with upgrading it from a place where you just eat and sleep.

Here’s a few things to think about when decorating your home to make sure it flows perfectly from one room to the next.

Hallways, Landings and Stairways

It’s easy to overlook these in-between spaces when you’re planning to decorate, but they certainly shouldn’t be seen as wasted space. You utilise them to be functional spaces that also brings together the different rooms.

If possible, add a glazed door at the end of a corridor so that you can get a sense of the next room and the space feels more like it’s a part of the house rather a standalone area. Also, you could add a stair runner that will immediately draw the eye up to the next floor, acting as a link between your upstairs and downstairs.

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Create a Colour Flow

One of the best ways to create a cohesive feel throughout the house is through your colour scheme and the palette you choose.

If your home is open plan, try to choose one colour that will be your main neutral or dominant colour. That doesn’t mean that all the rooms must be the same colour – you just have to take into account what rooms you can see in your eyeline and make sure they complement one another.

A great way to do this is to use colours in the same temperature family; go for either warm tones (reds, oranges and yellows) or cool ones (greys, greens and blues). Another option is to choose different variations of one colour to really make your home interiors look pulled together.

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Choose Accents

Adding colour accents is an easy way to tie your rooms together, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. This is where you can turn your attention to your furnishings – try choosing a beautiful pair of curtains from Direct Blinds, and then throws, cushions and other home accessories to match them.

For example, you could choose a pair of floral print curtains and pick out the red accents to use for the rest of your furnishings. This is a brilliant (and simple) way to create a cohesive flow throughout your entire house without making major changes.

Use our top tips to create an immaculately decorated home that flows throughout, and you could feel happier, relaxed and more comfortable. Plus, it’ll look so seamless that your friends and family will think you’ve hired a professional interior designer to decorate!

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