Tips + Tricks: Best Car Cleaning Hacks

It doesn’t matter how old your car is, whether it belongs to you, or you lease it, there is no excuse for not trying to keep it in pristine condition by using the right products. Sim’s Life is always happy to provide tips to help you keep your car spick and span.

Washing With the Right Suds.

Achieving a showroom finish isn’t difficult. It all begins with washing you car with the right soap. Don’t just rely on the car wash, get used to cleaning it yourself, you will save money and possible damage to your vehicle. There are some great car shampoos on the market, use the best shampoo and conditioner you can afford. Washing your car with the right suds is important to keep its bodywork at its gleaming best. Finish the job with a good car polish or T-Cut. If you are leasing your car from a leading company, such as, Intelligent Car Leasing, you may be expected to return the vehicle after the hire period in the same condition it was in when you collected it. Furthermore, by failing to do so, you might incur charges.

Wash the Car Windows, Including the Top Edges.

Do you wind your car windows down a little when you are cleaning them so that you can clean the top edge that goes into the framework? If not you should start. Gleaming windows put can make all the difference to how your car looks. Remember, there will be some people who make assumptions about how you’re your car is maintained mechanically, based on how clean you keep bodywork and windows. Get yourself some auto glass cleaner and give car windows a good clean, inside and out.

Clean your car

Deep-Clean Carpet and Upholstery.

To keep your car looking good and smelling fresh, deep-clean interiors on a regular basis. You, your passengers and possibly dogs are always climbing in and out of your car. Whatever they have walked in ends up on your interior carpet and upholstery, especially when small children are involved. The best way to effect a deep-clean is by using a small carpet/upholstery electric carpet shampoo machine. You will probably need an extension cable running to an internal plug socket. If you haven’t got a machine, you could hire one. Alternatively, stick to the traditional method of using a good cleaning product and vacuuming it out. For upholstery or leather cleaning of sofas you may check the service offered by

Slide Seats Forward and Clean Out the Junk.

Its important to slide the seats forward and collect any debris you have missed. Don’t let empty sandwich packets, paper bags and bottles clutter up the interior of your vehicle, keep a bag on hand for waste and encourage people to use it. You can empty the bag in the bin after each journey. Also, keep storage areas uncluttered, it is so easy to just stuff things in there and its not long before you have another thankless task on your hands.

Clean the Leather.

If you are lucky enough to own a car with a leather interior, look after it. Invest in some good leather cleaner and apply it regularly, according to the instructions. This will not only make your leather looking its best, it will protect it from cracking, slow down the ageing process and prolong its life.

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