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Why A PAYG SIM On Three Is A Travel Essential

by S1m

Getting ready for a holiday should always be an exciting prospect, it’s a chance to get away from it all and have a relaxing break. The life of a blogger though, means you do not actually ever get that much down time, even if I did prove the world still revolves after 4 days camping in a field with no WiFi!

Having just changed website hosts for Sim’s Life, Travel Guide Blog, Manchester Mummy and SFR I was on absolute pins getting ready to visit my parents in France.

Three Go Roam In France

Not just for the fact that I would be spending a week with my mother, or for the fact they live in the middle of nowhere… (nice view of the Pyrenees though!) but mainly due to the fact their internet runs at 1.5mbps… I am used to fibre at roughly 62mbps! It brings back the not so fond memories of dial up… anyone else still hear the crackling, screeching noise?!

That is one heck of a big difference in speed and connectivity, especially when my need to be online and working, ensuring the smooth transition of the sites worked well.

It was going to be torture!

Three PAYG SIM Cards

Thankfully, the very kind people at Three were aware of my parents internet problems and kindly sent some SIM cards to keep me fuelled. The pre-loaded Pay As You Go SIMs on Three offer 300 minutes, 3000 texts and a whopping 12GB of data… I could have cried… Three saved my sanity! 🙂

I don’t tend to use more than 3GB of data in a normal month, but knowing both Liv and I would be using the SIM substantially during our week away, it was very reassuring!

When travelling, you do not know where you next WIFI hotspot will be and you do not want to run out of data before you find one!

The Trio SIM fits any phone, so I was reassured that the micro SIM section would easily fit into my trusty Samsung S7. You do need to activate the SIM before you leave the UK and fortunately, as my phone is now unblocked it was an immediate set up.

If you do pick up a Three SIM for travelling, you can find out more about the 71 Go Roam destinations that are covered in the plan at three.co.uk/feelathome.

Roam With Three

So, in the end it wasn’t WIFI that was the problem, but the weather which put a dampener on the holiday. Fortunately, Liv was able to watch Netflix on my phone when needed and I was able to work and keep an eye on the sites. Hopefully next time we visit the sun will be shining, but whether rain or shine, Liv and I will totally be prepared and make sure our trusty Three SIM cards will be the first travel essential we pack!




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chickenruby April 29, 2018 - 8:57 am

I’m on PAYG all the time as I spend half the year in Dubai and the other half in the UK. When I travel I purchase a local sim at the airport to save on roaming charges


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